Partner With A Pianist[MxF In search of a Female]

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  1. Greetings, Fellows!

    Hello People of Iwaku's dirty, nasty, gnarly, and
    sexy side. The name's TerminaPianist and I
    want to roleplay with you, if you are a female,
    that is. That's right, the only stiff stick here
    will be mine. And maybe a couple of other
    characters if I get INTO the roleplay. Anyways,
    I do not have a lot of stuff to cover here.
    Just do me a flavor and abide by my rules,
    only if you desire, otherwise there is a back
    button for a reason--and no it is not to hide
    the porn webpages.

    • Minimum Of 1 Paragraph[I do not really stress this one out since I am also one to not do more than a paragraph or two.
    • Notify me if something occurs in which you are no longer able to roleplay.
    • If you find something in the roleplay being used that you are not confortable with, please let me know in an OOC[Preferably parenthesis] so I can either fix it or debate about it >;).
    Turn On's
    Just a list. Much like this one and the others.
    • Smoochies [Kisses everywhere <3!]
    • LOTS OF FOREPLAY[I love Fluff~]
    • Slow and passionate, at times though I do love a bit of roughness in my roleplays ;).
    • Biting
    Turn Off's
    • Potty Play[Keep it in the toilet, people!]
    • Feet
    • Abuse
    • Furries
    • Anything with Animal stuff. Poor guys. :(.
    • BDSM
    • Gore
    My Preferred role is the one Italicized.
    [Pairings With Stars Determine the ones I'd like to do most ;).]
    Teacher X Student **********
    Friend X Friend ******
    Queen X Servant ******
    Boyfriend X Girlfriend ******
    Demon X Human **********
    Thanks For Reading :D!
  2. This might just be because I drool over Sebastian Michaelis, but I would be interested in Demon X Human!
  3. Great! Remember to message me if you'd like to roleplay!
  4. Interested in the demon x human one.
  5. Still looking :D.
  6. Teacher x student looks tasty :3
  7. If you are interested please shoot me a message - I'll look toward it ;)!
  8. This Pianist is still pondering the pages for a partner! ;)
  9. Boyfriend x Girlfriend or Demon x Human ^-^
  10. Okie Dokie, shoot me a message and we can get started :)
  11. I'd be happy to do Demon x Human or Friend x Friend if you're still looking ~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.