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  1. Greetings.
    I am in search for a long term [1x1] partner. Emphasis on long term. I have been ditched from numerous of role-play partners and the rest have disappointed me in writing skills. I am open for more than one partners so don't be shy to come and ask!

    Role-play Preferences ;
    - Despite the fact that I can play both genders I prefer being a female. If it comes to a point where you simply cannot play as a male I will step down and take the male role.
    - Romance is my cup of tea. I enjoy everything romance. Most of my [1x1] will have romance.
    - I enjoy all types of pairings -- MxM, MxF, FxF, and many more!
    - I am comfortable doing smut.
    - This is not needed however I do love, love triangles and I do hope my partner can double up. But once again this is not needed.
    - I do have plots but I am open for collaboration.

    Role-play Do not's ;
    - Age is a big concern for me. I do not wish to role-play with anybody two years older than me and nobody four years younger than me. I apologize but I would just feel uncomfortable.
    - I am not into any strange fetishes so please don't bring them up or try to persuade me to allow them in our [1x1].
    - I would prefer it if you are mature enough to role-play with me.
    - First person confuses me and I would wish if you wrote in third person.
    - Warn me if you plan on abandoning the [1x1].
    - No Mart-Sue or Gary-Stu's please. They irritate me.
    - I am sadly not into fandoms.

    Qualifications ;
    - Three to five or more paragraphs at the least. I write quite a lot, just warning you.
    - Don't be afraid, creating grammatical errors are okay, however if you're excessively making grammatical errors I will stop our [1x1].
    - I am well-aware you are busy but if you are gone for at least three days I will no longer role-play with you.
    - Communication is everything. Don't be afraid to talk to me! Despite my rules I am quite laid-back and chill than I sound.
    - Like I said before I am in search for a long-term commitment.
    - I'm fine with any type of face claims; anime and realistic face claims are okay.

    Plots ;
    - This story takes place in ancient China when a young and obviously handsome emperor succeeds the throne from his recently deceased father. There's an ongoing war and a lot of political intrigue. The courtier's father desires a higher seat in society and so attempts to push his daughter on the Emperor. Though the courtier is very beautiful, the Emperor does not take any immediate interest, however, one of his closest supporters does. Lots of drama ensues.
    (I will play the courtier.)

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  2. You're Ancient China plot sounds really interesting. I'm interested in rping with you and I hope I can meet your expectations.
  3. Hello.
    I'm glad you have found that one interesting. There is an option to double up as both Emperor and Noble, it would be the most preferable route. If it's too much to handle, the Emperor role would be fine. Other then that PM me for further information.
  4. Hmm do you have other plots? i would like to read them before making my decission to rp with you.
  5. Yes, I do.
    - Muse A is a scientist who studies time traveling. They have been studying for about a five years. After years of research they manage to create a time traveling portal that wills end him back to time. Muse A enters the portal with a video camera to record if it was a successful mission or not. Muse A enters successfully to the lovely Victorian Era. Muse A starts to wander of curiously. Muse A then bumps into a noble person, Muse B. Muse B is an heir to a successful company. Muse B was enchanted by Muse A's strange clothing and magical device. Muse B immediately took Muse A in as a guest. The two start to get closer but the more he gets closer the more he starts to discover things about his ancestor Muse B was hiding.​
    - One day Muse A was walking around the beach during the Summer Party at their friends house. As Muse A walks around aimlessly on the beach Muse A suddenly stops in front a body on the ground. The body had strange markings, hair silver steel, and the skin color was too white to be natural. Muse A picks up the strange body and takes it home (We'll think of a reason. Its just too weird for Muse A to just pick up a body for some strange reason and drive home with the body). Once it was late Muse A goes to bed. While Muse A sleeps Muse B wakes up confused and curious. Muse A then wakes up to the sounds of clattering and see's Muse B lurking around the house. Sadly, Muse B doesn't understand a thing until Muse B kisses Muse A. Once the two kisses Muse B completely understands. Muse B then talks about their home planet and etc. As the two talk government has found a strange sighting that entered the Earths atmosphere and is now searching for Muse B.​
    - A young male/female known for great crimes all over the world has now ranked at least number five on the, "Worlds Most Wanted Criminals". He/She is now currently residing in Mexico wasting their spending's on a vacation disguised. Until a girl/boy saw through their disguise and threatens to turn them in unless they allow to take the adventure thirsting boy/girl to take them on their dangerous adventure as a criminal.​

    - Muse a and muse b both take the same train in the morning and afternoon. (They don’t have to go to the same school or even know each other.) One particular afternoon, they both get on earlier or later than usual and the train is empty. The two sit next to each other making idle chit chat (or not) and as the train goes through a tunnel, they come to realize that nobody else is on board and they don’t go through tunnels towards their destination. Things get hectic, they panic, and before they know it they train stops upon reaching its final destination. The fog is thick and eerie, though through the fog of the station, muse a or muse b can make out a green sign lighting the path of the exit. They can’t see it from the train car and it’s their last stop, so they have no choice but to get out and look for themselves. Upon closer inspection, the lit sign reads [insert town name of your choice].​

    - Muse A and Muse B are both part of the same Football Team in the school that they both attend —- however, each Muse A and Muse B have very different roles in the team. Muse A is just the Waterboy, always handing out towels, water & anything else that is needed by their team mates. On the other hand, Muse B is the team’s Star player, the most respected and looked up to player —- the team captain. Muse A always sits on the sideline, admiring Muse B from afar since they don’t pay much attention to Muse A. Things are extremely hard for Muse A since they are being continuously bullied by the boys on the team. Not only is it verbally, but physically too. Muse A is completely infatuated by Muse B — despite the fact that they continue to ignore them or only see them as just the Waterboy. But one evening when Muse A is being beaten up in the school car park, Muse B comes to the rescue and the two of them bond, forming a slightly strange friendship. Whilst in the friendship, Muse A tries their best to impress Muse B and catch their attention so that they see them as more than just a friend.​

    All of these can be tweaked a bit.​
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