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  1. Hey! So this is my first partner request on this site, feel special!
    So I used to be an avid gamer/reader until university life caught up with me. I fell for anything space-themed, Star wars, star trek, Halo, Mass Effect, you name it, i've probably played it. I've always wanted to live in those worlds myself, or create a new world to rival all of them. I'm searching for a partner to go on this adventure with me, and make some pretty amazing stories!
  2. If you're interested in building a new world/universe, we could certainly try.

    My sci-fi fandoms that I know passably well are Star Trek (I know all the series except Enterprise), Star Wars (main canon + KOTOR II), Firefly (though I'd have to brush up), Battlestar Galactica, and Babylon 5 (not a fan of the Shadow War arc though). Series I'm picking up on FLCL (list says sci-fi; not sure if), Farscape and Earth: Final Conflict.

    You can name a fandom not mentioned; I've probably heard of it and can do some research on it. :)
  3. You definitely have to play KOTOR I, the story was so great!
    I've watched all those, (except for earth:final conflict) albeit my star trek is so rusty. I'm definitely aiming for the interaction between crew members in firefly, the adventurous themes of star-trek, the combat of Star-Wars.
    But generally the exploration and adventure and the ability to share the experience is what matters most to me
  4. I shall think more on an original plot that we can use. It's 2:00 AM here, so if you don't mind a day-by-day update quo, we should be good.

    One last note: should the plot be realistic, semi-realistic, or "anything goes" sci-fi?
  5. Semi-realistic, laws of physics and basic stuff should still apply, but we can get creative!
  6. I'll sleep on it and send you a PM tomorrow (Sept. 30) on general plot lines we can use. I already have one in mind, though I should flesh it out more before sending it. See you then.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.