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  1. Hello there, the name's Scout. I have a character who desperately needs a home. His name is Ronan. He's potty trained - when he feels like it. Not suited for family living, as he's got quite the temper. Though he has a lot of energy, so he'll need plenty of room to run around. And because he's so independent, grooming is not an issue. Any takers?

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    Name: Ronan
    Age: 26 physically, though he is much older.
    Species: Lycanthrope
    Not featured in the picture: A ferocious scar from being bitten by a another lyrcanthrope on the right side of his face; and a rough claw mark trialing down his right shoulder to his left hip from that same lycanthrope. Because he was bitten rather than being born with the genes, Ronan’s lycanthrope form is more like a wolf. In fact, he looks exactly like one when in that form, just slightly larger than the normal wolf.
    Height: 6’9”
    Body build: Coiled with muscle, but still looks rather slim.
    History: Ronan was born in medieval times – when specifically he doesn’t know.
    At twenty six years of age, Ronan was on duty, protecting the southern borders of Mortholm from attacking soldiers of another kingdom. What they didn’t know was their enemy employed the help of lycanthropes to win, promising the beasts they would get their stolen land back. Mortholm lost the battle. Roran fled after watching a beast sink its teeth into Ronan’s neck and drag his limp body off, but unbeknownst to her, Ronan survived, contracting the lycanthrope gene from the bite. They met up weeks later after Ronan regained consciousness, and he told her what happened.
    A year later Roran found herself falling in love – something she never told herself she would do. As she became more domesticated, Ronan grew wilder, slowly learning to accept his changed life. He yearned to travel, and at the end of that year he left Roran to her family life, traveling from place to place. Living off the land.
    Ronan’s mother, Evelyn, died when he was twelve while his father was off on duty, from sickness. His father died from old age when Ronan was thirty, Frederick passed soon after. Roran died soon after Frederick from a lycanthrope attack – her family was also killed.
    Ronan was devastated from the loss of his only family, but that didn’t stop his heart from growing attached to a beautiful woman. As she grew older, Ronan stayed the same. They tried to make a family, but learned she was infertile. The news rocked her to her very core. Ashamed of herself, Ronan’s love killed herself one night while he was gone.
    Throughout the passage of time, Ronan found himself healing from his loses. He fell in love several more times only to be tortured as they grew old and died. After his third love died, Ronan vowed to keep away from people, not wanting to grow close to them only to see them die while he carried on living.
    There's some more information on Ronan's past, so if I get any takers I'll send it to you. :]
    Personality: Ronan was once a fun-loving, warm-hearted man. He was easy to get along with, but had a quick temper that got him into horrible messes – just like his father. But as time passed he grew colder and more detached. He was rude, finding that an easy way to push people away from him, and, much like his grandfather, turned to drink to ease his troubled mind – though it wasn’t like it did any good as his body easily rid his mind of the affects. As cold as he is, Ronan still has a warm heart, though he thinks it best to hide it in order to protect it from even more breakage.

    What I'm looking for:
    Obviously, a partner for Ronan. A female partner would be ideal, but if you can manage to sway me for a male character for Ronan then it can happen.
    My posting will probably be slow, as I'm just getting back into the whole RP scene, but don't lose hope. Prod me every once in a while to keep me focused!
    I've been RPing for years, a lot of years. I have a lot of experience and my posts can -sometimes- show that. My minimal is two paragraphs, but with inspiration and a lot to work with thanks to my partner's post, I can write 5+ paragraphs.
    Yes, I understand Ronan is just a character and there's no plot. My idea is to create a wonderful, interesting plot with my partner.
    I am only looking for ONE partner for Ronan. I have expectations, and if you don't reach them I will tell you, in which case Ronan will be back up for grabs - or will be offered up to the next person who posted their interest.
    I'll also post more characters here as time goes on. Hopefully this doesn't just flop.
  2. I'd be up for it. Send me a PM?
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