Partner Searching

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So I am looking for a partner to rp one on one, I do not have any plot ideas, but only thing I request is that it is a little faster paced than the group rps, min posting once every couple days.

If you have any idea throw them at me, I do not have anything specific, but something fantasy setting, with supernatural, and possibly romance inbetween.
I think it'd be fun to one on one with you! :3 I like the idea of having a fantasy romance, is there anything else you'd like to include in it? ^_^
hmm just that I tend to play shapeshifters lol
Sure! :3 Sorry I didn't get around to replying sooner~ > . <;
I like the idea of fantasy romance as well. Do you still need another partner?
I am willing to take on two partners seperate rp for each, would be fun.

if you have any specfic ideas let me know, if not you or I can start the thread
I noticed, Holly moon you do not have a rp resume up, so I have a couple other questions before I get started.

Do you prefer to play a male or female character?

and what do you prefer your partner to be male or female?
Odd, I remember submitting one. Hmm...but anyway, I would like to play the female and I would prefer a M/F relationship.