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  1. Thank you to come and read my post. First of all, I don't care, everyone has their own desires and such.
    I offer roleplays to those searching for a partner. If you already have a roleplay in mind then by all means talk to me... bring it to my attention and I will... More than likely accept it.

    Be sure to specify with your request if the RP you'd like is Regular or Sexual.
    Regular is more plot and more for fun of story as opposed to the Sexual theme where sex has a slightly bigger presence but still does not overlap the Plot.

    Any setting, Reality, Modern, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, History, etc. etc. style rp...
    Any genre, Drama, Romance, Horror, Action, Adventure, etc. etc...
    Any form of your own personal joy, Soulmates, Mercenary story, Star Crossed Lovers, Race against Time, Multi Paced, etc. etc. for more flavor.

    I'm good with it, and I assure that if you give me your choices I will keep my potential sharp to satisfy your rp desires as I expect yours.

    If you are unable to think of one, then just talk to me. We'll discuss further about them together. I can provide you a list to chose from, but still, again I have to say... Whatever you have in mind, I'm more than likely am going to be up to it.

    There is a serious requirement list that I have though regarding how our roleplays go.

    -At least a little understandable of grammar and punctuation, I'm alright with typos, so don't worry about a mistype.
    -At least a paragraph or two, I like detail. I myself love to type and provide a good amount of words on each and every post. Be at least a little descriptive and make sense and no one liners. I'll tolerate a one liner once or twice.
    -Like the roleplay or don't. If you don't like it or aren't into it that much then tell me. If you tell me than I know that we can try a different rp or story with another genre or setting. Please tell me if you'd like something different.
    -No God Moding, I can't comprehend how much I hate when I'm trying to make a really cool or interesting scene or keep a decent fight go for another message or so and not have my partner type about how they killed everyone.
    -Immortals are a roleplay that I'm up for where a you can play a deity, but even then you aren't indestructible and can destroy all you want.
    -Give your character depth. I care deeply for major characters that have so much in their lives. I'm not going to really like that much toward some guy named Tom who likes guitars... That's just pathetic.

    Anyway, that's all the requirements I demand. Go ahead and suggest roleplays. Tell me you'd like to be my partner and suggest the roleplay to me, it doesn't have to be that detailed of a suggestion, you may give the rp like x/y for examples. Brother/Sister, Master/Slave, Skilled Guitarist/Movie Star, Punk/Popular Student, Demon/Human etc. and we may discuss how the story can start and all that. So long as you give those as well as the setting and genre to me... everything will be great.
  2. Hiya there! I've joined recently, but I'm not new to roleplaying in the least. It's great to see someone with an interest in both character and plot depth, both of which I'm all over myself. I'm more partial to sex being more prevalent, but plot still is the main focus for me. As far as sex goes, I prefer things that are relatively less common in society, such as a submissive male/dominant female, or even incest if the story has merit. I'm extremely open as well, and look forward to possibly discussing this with you!
  3. We sound similar in our roleplay desires.

    I sent you a PM!
  4. So Mjr. Chaos, what did you have in mind?

    OhWritingOne, I have received your pm, do view my response soon.
  5. Ladies and gents, I am still in search of partners. Please refer to my first post on this thread.
  6. I'm interested in RolePlaying with you especially since our tastes are similar I prefee plot oriented RP but it all depends on the situation. I don't have a setting that comes to mind right now and would like to discuss it more. If you accept PM as soon as you can, sweet Raven.
  7. My dearest Setsuyu, I will gladly send you a pm message. With all haste I seek to venture a story with you... may my wings edure.
  8. I would be up for the immortal deity plot. Or anything. I'll send you a PM.
  9. I am looking forward to it my dear Smo, I await your pm.
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