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  1. Okay, first off... my rules:
    (Haha sorry I know but there's only a couple!)

    these are super hard to work with and at the very very least try to post a paragraph. If you're having trouble then PM me and we can talk about it! I love to make new friends through role-plays!

    if you don't like the role-play anymore or something comes up, let me know please! It's fine with me if you don't like the role-play anymore but please let me know before you just stop replying.

    I love love love drama, but adding something crazy around ever corner gets kind of boring! Especially if it's unrealistic.

    Okay next, me!!
    I can honestly say that I am on just about everyday, and it's actually surprising for me to not be on for an entire day. If for some reason I will be gone or not able to reply in a two day spand then I will let you know, but I hope you do the same!

    I'm fairly good with spelling and grammar and as long as I can understand yours, we'll be good! Like I said before, I don't do one liners. They are very difficult to work with and I don't know how to reply to them most of the time. I always try to post at least 2-3 paragraphs but sometimes and usually more.

    I'm almost always able to respond quickly but I do have a lot of role-plays going on so don't be surprised if I don't reply the minute you post! If there's anything else you wanna know about me then PM me and I'd be glad to answer your questions!

    *also, I only play female rolls unless I really like the plot, then I may attempt male but I prefer female since I am female*

    Now.....*drum roll*..... the plots.

    Here are some pairings I have in mind, the character I prefer if in aqua. ♡♡

    Best friend x best friend
    Girl next door x boy next door
    Foster girl x foster boy (placed in the same home)
    Bad boy x
    Good girl
    Girl bullied
    x bully
    Lead guitar/singer/drummer in a boy bad x
    Common Girl
    Hard to get
    x player boy

    Now for the more organized and put together plots:

    A Summer in Italy
    My Character (MC) and Your Character (YC) have been best rinds since day care. YC has always protected and secretly been in live with MC, but of course being the bad boy he was, never said anything and just kept it a secret. MC has always secret been in love with her best friend ever since he saved her from her father, who has always been an alcoholic and abusive towards her. Now that it's the summer of their senior year and they're about to go off to college... or in other cases, not college... MC gets a call from her aunt in Italy. When she is asked to bring a friend to Italy to visit and help her aunt with some parties, the two best friends become closer than ever.... but do feeling develop? And if so, do the two act on them, or ignore it?

    Loving the Bad Boy
    When MC is forced to tutor the schools bad boy, she starts to realize that maybe he isn't as bad as everyone claims him to be. As they begin to hang out more and more, not only does MC realize that YC isn't that bad, but YC realizes that his tutor isn't the goody two shoes she is made to be. As feelings grow between them, will they let their reputation get the best of them, or will they take a chance with love?

    I have a few other plots but I don't have time to write them all down, haha! If you're interested in any of these or you have an idea, PM me please! Again, I have a few other ideas if none of these catch your eye but just PM me if you want to role-play and you can play male! Thanks! ♡♡

  2. If you'd like I'd love to RP the "Loving the Bad Boy" idea with you!
  3. Awesome! PM me and we can chat!
  4. I could do the summer in Italy .
  5. Awesome! PM me! ^.^
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