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  1. Hello! My name is Disgraced!
    And welcome to my partner search!
    Here is where I shall be searching for partners!

    Soul Eater, OC x OC, Canon x OC
    Fairy Tail, OC x OC, Canon x OC
    Black Butler, OC x OC, Canon x OC
    Ouran Host Club, OC x OC, Canon x OC
    Rosario Vampire, OC x OC, Canon x OC
    Kamigami No Asobi, OC x OC, Canon x OC (OC must be a real god)

    And more! ((Got lazy!))

    Original Ideas:
    Demon x Demon
    Demon x Angel
    Demon x Human
    Angel x Human
    Angel x Human
    Bad Boy x Good Girl
    Bad Girl x Good Boy
    Assassin x Target
    Rich Boy x Poor Girl
    Poor Boy x Rich Girl
    Smart Girl x Dumb Boy

    Smart Boy x Dumb Girl
    Disaster Victim x Witness
    Fighter Girl x Pacifist Boy
    Fighter Boy x Pacifist Girl
    Amnesiac Girl x Ex-Boyfriend
    Amnesiac Boy x Ex-Girlfriend
    And you could always give me suggestions!

    Plot #1 (open)
    Character 1 was always known as a succubus. Well, serves her right, as she was the heir to the throne in a house of succubi. Character 2 was known as a human. Well, he wasn't actually human, as he was an incubus. Last of his kind, actually. The succubi have no idea there was even an incubus left. So, what happens when Character 1 and Character 2 finally meet?

    Plot #2 (open)
    Character 1 was in the class that bullied Character 2 all throughout elementary school. In fact, he led the bullying. Why? You may ask. Because she wasn't smart and held the class back. It started with just name calling, but ended with her having to get a new pair of shoes each day, along with having to come in a half an hour early to clean off the words written on her desk. And then one day, she transferred out of that school, never intending on returning.

    Character 2 got smarter, earning herself the top spot in her class the next year. And every year after that. So when Character 2 is forced to go back to the school she was bullied at, but now as a senior at the top of her class. And what happens when she's put into the same class as Character 1? In fact, she sits right behind him!

    Will add more as time progresses!​
  2. Hmm i have an idea.

    Perhaps something like this.

    the pairing could perhaps work in a BullyxOutcast setting? (No they don't have to be below 15 or something).

    This would take place on a bit of a supernatural setting so yes Lycans n such would exist and a bit of magic too.

    My vampire that goes to a school that most students are if not all are human and he/she is a transfer student and the school does not at all know he/she is a vampire and being a outcast he/she gets bullied.
  3. That seems fun. PM me!
  4. The second plot looks like it might be kind of fun.
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