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  1. Greetings! I am new to the forum and I am itching to roleplay! (New to the forum, not to roleplay, been doing it for years.)

    I can do anything from fantasy to medieval or current time, all depending on what the setting we agree on suits best for the characters. :) I'm not all too picky about how long the responses should be or how well you should be able to type, as long as you make yourself understood it's what counts, right? As long as you don't use "texting" writing I'm happy. (Example: lol wtf u so dumb." etc.) As long as the responses are not just one word like "yes" or "no" and so on I'm happy!
    I have a tendency to be a better follower than a leader when it comes to roleplaying so if you are one that likes to take charge, go right ahead! I can go along with quite alot.
    I prefer playing a female character since that's what I've done the most for the past ten years and I would prefer it with a male character counterpart but I can do both as well, it's just what I've been the most used to roleplaying but I'm all about exploring as well!

    I don't have any particular ideas in mind right now but throw a message my way if you are interested and want to start something/throw out random ideas. I won't bite! I promise! ... Much. :3

    Edit: I'm still looking for more partners when it comes to Roleplays, I have a few ideas based on set universes now so if you are curious, trow me a PM! ^^
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  2. I got loads of ideas if your interested to set anything up.
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