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  1. I'm looking for heterosexual pairings. I can play either female or male, some pairings I prefer female. With fandoms, doubling would be nice, or we can do original characters only.

    Here is what I am craving:

    If there is a star next to a part, I would prefer that role. If there is a heart, I really want to do the role play.

    Vampire x Mortal ♡
    Vampire x Vampire
    Pirate x Stowaway
    Princess ☆ x Servant
    Prince x Servant ☆
    Elf ☆ x Mortal ♡
    Kidnapper x Kidnapped ☆ ♡
    Best Friend x Best Friend
    Teacher x Student ☆ ♡
    Boss x Secretary ☆ ♡

    Harry Potter ♡
    The Avengers ♡
    Once Upon A Time ♡
    Gotham ♡
    Vampire Diaries ♡
    The Hobbit
    Lord of the Rings ♡
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Twisted Disney/Fairy tales ♡
    Chronicles of Narnia
    Golden Compass
    How to Train Your Dragon
    The Hunger Games

    Rurouni Kenshin
    Air Gear
    Fruits Basket ♡
    Ouran High School Host Club ♡
    Wolf's Rain ♡

    Insane Asylum ♡

    Let me know if you have anything in mind. :)
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  2. I also RP as either gender, and I'm pretty flexible on what part I'll play. If there is one you really want to do, I can do the RP with you. :3
  3. I am up for doing whatever peaks your interest. :3
  4. Added more to the list.
  5. Could we do an Ouran High School Host Club roleplay? Just let me know the information you'll need if you're interested :)
  6. I would love to do an avengers rp with you! ^-^
  7. I can do so much out of that list! So, how about Vampire Diaries? I can also do vampire x mortal and vampire x vampire! :)
  8. I'd do lord of the rings
  9. I could potentially play the servant to a princess, or a best friend character.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.