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  1. Is there anyone who would like to do a high school student[x]Teacher (FxM) romance with me?
    • I'd like to play the student
    • FxM with me the F
    • PM or thread is fine with me
  2. I would like to do it
  3. I'd be willing to do a roleplay with a student and a teacher, but I'd like it to have drama, struggles, fighting, arguing and all of that. I love romance, but I want them to be worthwhile or truly mean a lot to the characters because they went through many obstacles to be where they are.
  4. When it comes to more than one person asking, I usually go with the first come first serve rule. I had someone PM me while I wasn't on asking about it, so I'm going to talk to them first about it. But, I'll keep you guys in mind and maybe for something else sometime.
  5. Well, looks like this is filled now, but again I'm always up for partners for other things so maybe some other time. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.