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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by MeganFieldsman, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. I am very interested in the following things:
    -Fantasy Roleplays
    -any type of Dark Plot or Characters
    -Slight to Heavy Romance effecting the plot (though I also can enjoy none)
    -Angels, Demons, and Fallen Angels roleplays
    -Strange and Unusually Circumstances for the time or culture
    -very In-Depth Characters and Back-stories
    -1800s Setting roleplay
    -Action and Adventure in roleplays
    -Balanced Style roleplay
    -very Original Plots and Characters

    Please leave a comment below or pm me if you are interested in roleplaying with me. I am open to most plot ideas and character pairings.
  2. I'm kinda interested. Lately, I've been sorta enamored with three things: Surrealism, Iceland, and this fantasy world I made long ago that's sorta based on my experiences in high school. Maybe we can work something out from those.
  3. Sounds interesting. We could see what we could do with that.
  4. Maybe something related to the Huldufolk, or the "hidden people", the Elves of Icelandic folklore? Perhaps a little adventure concerning these elves, and, perhaps, some sort of important contest, or say, some great invasion?
  5. Well if your still interested, I have a Imagination reaching beyond the stars with a character dealing with insanity, we can work on a plot and figure this out. Also whats the limit on this roleplay?
  6. What do you mean limit?
    Also that sounds very very interesting.
  7. What will you take ((etc: god-modding)) and what will you not take ((etc: flirtatious actions )) this is just me summing up your limits as a roleplayer so I can determine how a react towards our role play...... wow so sorry I just went all nerdy on you.
  8. That is perfectly fine.

    Your character should abide by basic earthly rules most of the time with exception the occasion strange mastery of a skill or just unearthly skill that is set at the beginning of the game. No random domince of all characters with no logic behind it.
    As for relations and such, I really like the added effects of relationships in roleplay whether they be suttle or major.
    Logic is usually required for events and such. Making events need to flow and be effected by outside forces as the should.
  9. this sounds great, Warning I tend to lean on the intrusions by outside forces a lot, it makes the story twist and ways you would not imagine, which is fun most of the time, I will try not to make it excessive though.
    lets have a low relationship bar in the beginning and after several sequences we set them through they start to bond and warm up the relationship.
    one last thing I usually throw in magic or paranormal happenings into the story that can affect or are caused by our characters , if this is fine with you I will surprise with plot twists once we make up the plot!
  10. Yes, that is fine. As long as I can throw on plot twists too occasionally, I am happy. Pm me so we can setup the characters, plot, and setting a little better.