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  1. Hey there! As you have most likely read the topic name you would be knowing that I am searching for a partner. I have seen many of my mature RP's that I did no longer here so I wanted to start something myself, so here I am looking for a partner. I only play male characters and do MxF... there is something about my mentality that prevents me from doing MxM or FxF I find it not by my taste. I fairly open to much role-play genres and my characters are generally strong, dominating types of characters. So, that's about it, see ya!

    Original Role-Plays I am Interested in:

    +Street Racer/Street Racing Girl
    +Street Racer/Female Cop

    Fandom Roleplays:

    Histories Strongest Disciple Kenichi (Shigure Kosaka + My OC or Main Character, Miu Furinji + My OC or Main Character)
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  2. I am still interested in these RP's and still actively looking for partners! : 3
  3. I'm interested in the Teacher x Student if that one is still open?
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  4. We can start more, seeing as we rp well together :) I like the ideas of Viking King/princess (or potentially warriors), and gladiator/princess. Particularly the second one.
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  5. Hello! All of them are open, PM me or I will PM you so we can discuss the RP! :-)

    Hai! Yes, we do RP together well! :-P I like both of the ideas, second one more than the first. I will PM you so we can discuss things.
  6. Okie :) I can't resist an rp based in ancient Rome. It's one of my weak spots. And don't get me started on ancient Greece, or I'll never shut up!
  7. Another teacher and student rp perhaps Nova? It's been awhile.
  8. Hey there @wildpelt ! I didn't quite understand you, are you as well interested in a teacher x student pairing?
  9. Yes!
  10. Ah, awesome then! PM with the details that you had in mind or I will. :-)
  11. Still open for vampire x human? I go crazy for topics like that :3
  12. All of the RP's will be open at all times so your free to choose your pick! :-)

    If you want PM me the details or I will do so.
  13. Still looking for partners, feel free to PM or post here.
  14. I'm interested in the vampire/human one if that's still open?
  15. Hey there! Yes it's still open... I will PM you shortly. :-)
  16. I don't care what but I'll join one.
  17. If you don't choose one I don't know what I should PM you about or what do plot and details we need to discuss. Perhaps if you want to PM me. :-)
  18. Fine. How about guy meets stripper?
  19. That could be interesting. But let's keep this page clean for further RP's and discuss things over PM.
  20. Okay. Just PM me
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