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  1. Greetings
    I'm looking for a partner or partners for different fandom roleplays or even an adventure. :) I have some ideas that have been gnawing in my head and are just itching to evolve into roleplays! So in lack of more to add let's get started!

    Game of Thrones, the journey of a new Khal and Khaleesi.

    Game of Thrones, The new King of the North.

    Game of Thrones, the Family of Dragons.

    Bleach fandom roleplay, either in Soul Society or in our world.

    An adventure involving dragons, dark forces and holy light purging the dark! (Would prefer it if you choose this one that you are prepared to write a long story with me as I don't want this roleplay to die out after just two days or so. :) ) It's written as a short story right now but I hope that you will deem it worthy to be used as an opening. Link; I will fight for what is right

    Robin Hood roleplay based on the 2006 series that used to go on TV. :) Link; Robin Hood

    Spartacus fandom roleplay based on the first season; Blood and Sand. Link; Blood and Sand.

    Devil May Cry, based on TAS.

    Possibly a Batman RP, based on the Batman Beyond series.

    Harry Potter based RP on what happened after the battle against Voldemort.

    The legend of Zelda RP, let's make our own heroes and save Hyrule!

    Legend of the Seeker based RP.

    General information;
    Due to being a stay-at-home mom with a three month old baby, I may not be able to answer all the time and if you live in America or so, I will most likely only be able to answer during late evening/Night/Mornings, of where you are.
    However I promise that I will reply as often as I can and I will try and keep the story plot interesting!
    I am able to play both genders but I strongly prefer to play a female character as I am not -as- good with male characters.
    And I have to ask that please use proper grammar, I will not judge you at all if you make a few small mistakes here and there, but if you use "u" when you want to spell "you" or "2" when you want to spell "to/too" and so on, then we are not going to get along well.
    I would also prefer it that if you are unable for some reason to respond for a few days that you at least send me a small PM and just tell me that you cannot respond for a short time, real life comes first no matter what but it never hurts to show a little courtesy. ^^

    If you are interested, please give me a PM or drop a comment! <3
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  2. I'd be interested if you are still looking we could discuss it. :)
  3. I am still looking, so I would be more than happy to discuss with you. :) Just pm me and tell me which ones you found interesting and we will work from there, hehe!^^
  4. Harry Potter based RP on what happened after the battle against Voldemort.

    Are you open to doubling roles and cannon characters/OC?
  5. I'm not as good with double roles (sorry if I've misunderstood, haven't gotten any sleep) and I have nothing against canon RP. ^^
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