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I am looking for people to RP with. I consider myself a decent writer but it depends on my partner. See the samples for an idea of my average posting length. I can do MxM, FxF, or MxF. I am open to almost any idea. My ideas are flexible and can be tweaked in altos of ways depending on the characters. Want to do a teacher/student with shapeshifter, sure. Want to do the beast/slave but don't want to be a slave, be thief instead. Feel free to use your imagination. I like the story to write itself so the plots are a little vague. I have few limits. I can do three paragraphs. Here are mine plots:

A is an Empath, meaning they can feel the emotions of the people around them. They've had this ability from a young age and because of it, they sometimes have a hard time separating their own emotions from everyone else and knowing what they themselves are feeling. Large groups and crowds only make it worse. B is A's Anchor. An Anchor is kind of like a buffer for the Empath between them and other people's emotions. The Empath focuses on their Anchor's emotions and it keeps them from getting overwhelmed and overloaded with other people's emotions and also allows them to keep their sanity intact.

Time traveler/person-
Character A is going about their normal life until there is a sudden flash of light and they find themselves in a place they don't recognize. It didn't take long for A to realize that they weren't not where they were supposed to be they weren't when they were supposed to be. B see's A's arrival and knows that they don't belong. Neither of them knows how A got there or how to get A back to the right time.

dragon shifter/human-
Dragons used to be known all around the world until they disappeared. Now thought of only as myths, stories only found in children books. They do still exist in an area known as the Bermuda Triangle, where their race is the only thing that there. Since A didn't find their mate on the island they had to search the human world. A was told that a mark would appear when they touched their mate. A was given a magical object to help them know where in the human their mate was.

The King's daughter is hit by a mysterious illness. None of the healers in the land can tell him what it is or how to cure it. One day a prophet comes to the king and tells him there is one way to save his daughter. He must send A and B on a mission. A is a mage who lives outside of the kings realm and B is a subject who lives in the realm. The two must work together to complete the quest before time runs out.

Character A is minding their own business when a sound catches their attention. Curious A follows the sound. A sees B being abused by someone. Not the kind to stand back when someone is being hurt A gets between B and the abuser. Once the assailant was gone A takes B home and tends to their wounds. A talks to take B into staying. Offering their place as a safe place to start over.

Everyone is born with a birthmark over their heart. These birthmark match someone in the world. One their sixteenth birthday a name appears under the mark. Once the name appears couples can feel each other's pain and emotions. The first time A connected with B A felt pain. So much pain that A started to search for B even though A couldn't do anything to help them until they were older.

- Based on the show. Singles will be paired by experts. They won't know who they are marrying until they walk down the island. They have to go on a honeymoon and live together.

Sleeping beauty- amnesia victim/significant other-
A is one their way to their wedding when they were in a car accident and ends up in the hospital. A is unconscious and has no ID so is listed as a J. Doe. B thinks that A got cold feet. After days of no contact B starts calling friends and family. Eventually B calls the hospitals and discovers what happened to A. B goes to the hospital. When B kisses A, A wakes up but has no memory.

Character A is a human that finds animal on their way home. The animal hurt. Probably neglected and abused. B is a shifter stuck in animal form because they no longer had an owner. They are hesitant when A approaches but they have little choice but to accept A if they want to be human again. A takes B home and cares for them. Bound once again to an owner B turns human. What will A do when they learn that the pet they brought home isn't just an animal?

Muse A is coming of age in their magical family. On their 18th birthday, they learn what element (water, air, earth, or fire) they have been gifted with. Muse A has been under the impression and hope that they will have inherited the same element that their parents and grandparents have been blessed with, however they come to discover that they have been bestowed with the opposite element. According to rules set forth in the family's grimoire, Muse A must learn to master their gift from a witch/warlock who possesses the same elemental power as they do. Muse B, who has the same element as Muse A, becomes Muse A's reluctant mentor. Muse B is brilliant and powerful, but lacks in the department of manners and compassion, especially when Muse A shows difficulty harnessing their new abilities. Muse B is condescending and impatient often without provocation. One day, Muse A meets their wit's end with Muse B's treatment and they demand to know why Muse B is so hostile toward them. Muse B reveals that they come from rival families and they are only teaching Muse A due to the terms of a 1,000 year old truce. Once Muse A has mastered their gift the two will be forced to marry in order to keep the peace.

Werewolf/Human- Werewolves: a myth that brings equal parts fascination and terror to those who hear of it. But what if it were real? It may soon be. The military is conducting experiments to create their own werewolves, trained to be nigh-invincible super-soldiers. Their first successful subject, the new Alpha of his pack, will be sent on missions that no human would ever dare to face down. Can he lead his pack through them successfully? Will he be a good leader for his people? And what is it about the sight of the moon that seems to invoke such... yearning?

Military/civilian- A and B dated in high school. A joined the military without telling B right after graduation. B moves on with their lives. After a few years (to be discussed) A is injured in battle and came home to heal. A runs into B shortly after landing. B is shocked to see A and pissed that they left without telling them. A has a reason for not telling B about the joining the military but is it enough for B to forgive A?

A is involved in an underground fight club. One night on their way to a fight A heard someone being whimpering in a alley. When A goes down the alley they sees another fighter abusing someone A challenges the other to a fight. Whoever won would get B. The other fighter agreed and they head to the club. A wins and takes the abused person home with him. Now free of their abuser B wants to help A get out of the fight club.

(multiple characters required) There is a new social experiment. People who are tired of the dating scene have signed up. Each day they would go into a pod and talk to a new partner. These conversations could last anywhere from a few minutes to the whole day. It was completely up to the individuals. After two weeks each person must either propose, be proposed, or leave alone.