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Roleplay Invitations
One on One Roleplays, Private Convo Roleplays
Posting Speed
Speed of Light, Several Posts a Day, A Few Posts A Day, One Post a Day, A Few Posts a Week
Writing Levels
Give-No-Fucks, Intermediate, Adept, Advanced, Adaptable
Genders You Prefer Playing
Male, Female
Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
  • Red-star members only. I'm in my twenties and would prefer to roleplay with people my age.
  • I can play both female and male characters. I'm also open to F//, M/F and M//.
  • I can average three paragraphs if not more. It does depend on my partner. Quality over quantity. As long as my partner can post at least one paragraph, I can be adaptable.
  • Communication. This is very important.
  • I will post at least once a week. Normally I can post several times a day but life happens. I will try to let you know if it's going to take more then a week.

I've never really been one to list pairings. I have ideas though that can get us started. If interested, just let me know. I'm also open to your ideas as well, so feel free to send those my way. I am open to most genres and do like to try new things.

Don't see your fandom? Please send me a PM. I probably know it and could be willing to roleplay it.

Stargate Atlantis
Blue Bloods
Resident Evil
Jurassic World
Big Hero 6
Power Rangers
The Thundermans
Henry Danger
Bourne Legacy
Mission Impossible
Tokyo Ghoul
Young Justice
The covenant
X-men Evolution
Fullmetal Panic!
Fullmetal Alchemist
Ouran High School Host Club {Only interested in a crossover with another anime}
Harry Potter
Spirited Away
Lab Rats
Wolf's Rain
Fairy Tail
Treasure Planet
American Dragon Jake Long
Teen Titans
Thunderbirds (Movie) {Set after}
Criminal Minds
Last of Us
Last Guardian

The best way to reach me is by PMing me.