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  1. Hi all, and welcome to my thread! Recently I've found myself wanting to take on a few more long term one on one roleplays, so here I am, typing up this. (:

    I will be updating this whenever I get a new idea for a roleplay that I want to do.

    A few rules of mine:

    I ask that you don't write just one liners; those bother me, and just tend to not make a story for me. Also, I'd like it if you had a good grasp with grammar. Of course, I know no one is perfect with it, because I certainly am not, but I do want to be able to understand what you're trying to say since I'll do the same for you so that there are no misunderstandings, and I do want it to be legible.

    I'd rather it if my partner(s) was able to write at least at the level of adept, meaning that you should probably be comfortable with writing in paragraph form with a few decent paragraphs. I really like it when people use detail in their post, seeing as I tend to use a lot of detail myself. What ever length you'll give out I'll more than likely give the same back, though I guess I have a tendency to write a bit more, but that's just me.

    I tend to reply relatively often to roleplays, or at least I can since I find myself on a lot. Sometimes I just get uninspired to write anything, however, and sometimes I just lose my muse, but I'll definitely try my best to be active. The more interested I am in the story, the more likely I'll reply quickly and often, but the same doesn't have to apply to my partner. You don't have to reply daily or anything of the like, mostly because I know life can be a bit hectic and because sometimes I won't be able to reply every day if I find myself too caught up with school or something. But I do ask that you at least be able to reply a couple of times a week.

    I would also rather play the female role, however I'm not opposed to playing the male. Also, I'll double or more if needed.

    Also, please don't leave me to figure out every little detail for the story. I want both of us to enjoy this, and I want you to have input in it as well since it'll be the both of it playing this. There's no fun in only one of us coming up with ideas, right?

    Anyway! If you want to know a little more about me, my roleplay resume will probably cover a little of us. Either that or you can just ask me directly.


    I have a few plots/ideas for some of these ideas and pairings, however if none of these plots are to your liking or if you feel as if you have a better idea and want to roleplay, just let me know! I'm always up for hearing new ideas.

    What I'm looking for:

    Things I DON'T want:

    • Historical: I just don't like it. Never really could get into it.
    • Furry related: Again, I could just never get into it.
    • Horror: I'm kind of a wimp, and though I've never really delved into this genre, I don't think I'd really be any good at it.
    • Sci fi: This is something that, again, I've just never really been able to get into, or at least it just doesn't really interest me that much.

    Things I DO want: (The more *'s that I have next to the idea, the more interested I am in it and the more I'm craving it. I'd also like to mentioned that I would rather all of these pairing be mXf because I have more experience with playing out that. I have nothing against any other pairings, but I would just rather it be mXf. If there is a slash through a pairing/plot, that means that it is unavailable at the time.)

    I love these roleplays! Why? I'm not really sure. I love the drama that can come with them, I love the romance that can come with them. The heart break, the happiness, all of it! There are a lot of different plot ideas and pairings that I would like with this as well, such as:

    ****Unexpected Pregnancy

    [For this roleplay, I would prefer and like to play the role of the woman]


    They said that marriage is never easy. They said that they should wait, continue to test the waters with one another for a few more years, and then bring the topic of marriage back up when they were more comfortable and confident with one another. They said that they should take the time to really figure out if what they wanted in life together was what they really wanted with each other...

    But they hadn't listened.

    Meeting one another in their freshman year of college caused a whirlwind of confusion and excitemnt to bubble in their lives. It wasn't long after they met each other that they soon found themselves pining for the another, wishing to call or text the other to see how they were doing, if they could hang out, and just if their day was going well. A match made in heaven, they wanted to believe. A light at the end of the tunnel of their otherwise pointless lives, to be a little more cliche.

    The two started dating shortly after their inital meeting, and their relationship continued on for the next four years as love blossomed between them, something that none of their friends--or even family--had expected. But they were in love; they were happy, and they were so convinced that they were going to be in each other's lives forever and that nothing would break them apart.

    But, unfortunately, some fairytales have to end.

    They became man and wife six months after they graduted college, and for a year after that as the woman started up her own wedding photography business with her best friend, they lived in an apartment unitl they were finally able to crawl out of the debt they had aquired as her business shot through the roofs while the man found a good job and found themselves able to buy a starter home for their lives.

    Their lives continued on with a pleasent buzz. For the longest time the honeymoon faze never seemed to end with those two, and it wasn't until two years after they said, "I do," to one another that they wanted to take the next step in their lives: Children.

    And that was where the problems arose.

    The first time they tried and failed, they weren't too disappointed, however after a year of trying with no results they finally decided to take matters into their own hands to figure out if there was a problem. The tension over the course of them trying for a child rose between the two, causing arguments to spurt between the couple, causing anomisity to rise as well. And the arguments didn't stop when they went to a fertility docter to figure out what the problem.

    The problem was the woman; her eggs were bad and she could hardly keep a pregnancy. It nearly broke her to hear that. She grew more recluse, more angry, and the man grew angry himself because he blamed her for them not being able to have kids.

    Soon, their little love nest turned into everything but that. They stopped sleeping in the same bed with one another after a while, they stopped speaking to each other in those loving tones, and all they could do was glare and yell at each other.

    The man found himself in the arms of another woman after five years of marriage with his wife, and after he declared his infidelity to his wife, she slapped down divorce papers in front of him. And he didn't hesitate to sign.

    It was a terrible circumstance, but... They had fallen out of love with one another. Maybe.

    They decided to separate even before the first court date after the divorce papers had been signed, but even so they didn't want any of their friends and families to know about their broken marriage. So they said nothing, which was why the both of them had been invited to an engagement party of one of their friends.

    They had to act nice with one another, they had to make it seem as if they were still a couple, but what happens when the both of them have too much alochol and find themselves heading into a small closet and end up doing something that they would later regret with one another?

    And what if, a few months after that, the woman finds herself unexpectedly pregnant?

    Will this unexpected pregnancy bring these two back together, or would it only break them farther apart than they already are as the impending reality of divorce hangs over their heads?

    College Student and their Professor (Currently Unavailable)

    [For this roleplay, I would rather play the student]


    A new fall semester for college has begun, and the newly become Junior finds themself heading to a class that they would rather find themselves farther away from. Why did they have to take this class when it would do nothing to help with their major? Why did they have to sit in a class, listening to a professor drone on and on about a subject that they could care less about?

    That, at least, had been the Junior's line of reasoning when they finally stepped into the classroom of a class that they just knew they would hate and would pay no sort of attention in. When the professor walked in the student thought nothing of the person; they played on their phone, only looked up when their name was called for attendance, and then glanced over the syllabus as it was passed out to them.

    As the Junior had originally thought, they cared less for the class and only found themselves putting in half-assed work as they continued to spend more time working on their other, more important, classes. But what happens when the first major assignment comes around and the Junior finds themself struggling with the assignment, forcing them to go to the professor's office hours to talk with them?

    For some reason, throughout the talk, the Junior finds themself drawn to their professor, and, eventually, starts to find excuses for why they wanted to go to their office hours. What if, by some reasoning, the two end up becoming closer as the professor, too, becomes drawn to their student?


    We could always change the reasoning for why the student goes to the professor and they end up getting closer, and the professor can also be a professor for a class that the student actually needs and takes seriously. Actually, that may be a bit interesting, but if you'd want to go with the idea of the student taking the professor's class that they don't care about (as it says in the plot) then we can do that.

    For this roleplay, I'd want to explore the ups and down with this relationship, especially seeing that any relationship pushing the bounds of just student and teacher is essentially forbidden. I don't want this to turn out to be a smut filled roleplay; I've seen it happen a lot with this sort of pairing, so I'd rather not have it turn out like that. As I said before, I want to explore he bounds of the relationship and how the two deal with it.

    Emails to You (Currently Unavailable)

    The art of writing letters has long since died out with the invention of emails and the cellphone, what with their ability to allow people to communicate with one another with just the click of a button, and this is no different for the two people in this story.

    Though they may not have liked the idea in the beginning, and though they may have either been forced or talked into (your choice, or you could even have a different reasoning) doing this, they both start pen-paling one another, a complete stranger.

    Two people living on opposite sides of the country with two completely diferent lives and with two different personalities come together through the use of email, where they begin to learn more about each other and learn to trust the unknown person on the other side of the screen. So what happens when after nearly a year of pen-palling with one another the two decide to meet in person, so that they can truly see and meet the person they have learned to trust (and maybe have even grown feelings for) over the internet?


    I've seen things like this go around every once in a while, but I think it would be really interesting and fun to play out if you'd be willing to work on this with me. I figure, in the beginning, we could play out them emailing each other--maybe like their first few emails and then we can do little time skips afterwards--and then once they finally meet up we can just go along from there to see where things would lead.

    It's a pretty vague and open ended plot as of right now, and a lot of things can definitely be filled in to make this more interesting, so if you have any ideas with this and want to brainstorm more with me, just let me know!

    Accidental Marriage (Currently Unavailable)

    [For this roleplay, I would rather play the woman, though I may be convinced to play the man.]


    You know what they say: "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" However, what if one of those 'happenings' just so happened to be a marriage between two people who hardly know each other? Actually, not even hardly; they don't know each other at all.

    They met at a bar (or a casino or a nightclub, we can decide on that), got more than a little drunk, and then got married at a small chapel in one of the hotel casinos. But what happens when the bride takes off the morning after without so much as a note to say where she was going, who she was, and didn't even leave the ring that belonged to the 'husband's' deceased mother?


    Why he had the ring, that can be decided later on. I figure that this would be interesting to see how all of that would play out. Would the man go after the woman to try and find her, would they try to work things out or work something out? Would they stay married with each other, or would they end it all?

    Again, it's another, somewhat vague plot that can be fleshed out, and I would like to work on this with somebody to play out.

    *Twins Separated at Birth

    What if there was a pair of identical twins, both female, that were separated at birth and never knew of each other?

    With the parents having gone through a terrible divorce during the time that the twins were still in the womb of their mother, each of them wanted the babies yet they could not stand to think of getting back together or even really seeing each other when having visitation rights. So they each decided to take one twin, no matter how hard it hurt to do such a thing; but it worked.

    They each had a child that they could care for, and they didn't have to bother one another. But when the twins are finally ready to embark on their lives as college students and start to attend their colleges, what happens if they happen upon one another? They've both been going to the same college for months, yet when their second semester rolls around and they share a class together and end up becoming partners for a project (or something else, we can brain storm this), what will happen when they meet and see someone that looks very similar to them? Confusion, obviously, but would they be able to piece together their history, despite how they have different last names?

    The Widows

    [Just a small idea I had for this. I could definiely be fleshed out more.]


    Maybe one of them has just lost the love of their life while the other has gone a few years without their husband/wife, or maybe they both have just lost their spouses or they both could have been dealing with their loss for years already.

    Regardless of what is decided, I think it would be interesting to see what would happen if the two were to meet and emotions and feelings start to develop between them after some time. Would the guilt of loving another person be too much for them? Would their remembrance for what they once had make them crumble? Would they feel as if they were betraying their dead spouse, and maybe even family if they have one? Either way, I think it would be interesting to see how this would play out.


    • Best Friends
    • College Students
    • City Guy X Country Girl or vice versa
    • Celebrity X Regular Person
    • Single Parent X Single Parent/Adult with no child

    There are a lot of other pairings I could do for this and would probably be interested in, so PLEASE let me know if you have any. These are just the ones that came to my mind at the moment. Just throw me your suggestions!

    Oh yeah, and I do like romance in a story (obviously), but I would much rather it develop over the course of the roleplay, rather than it just happening instantly somehow. I want there to be chemistry, and I want to play out how the characters will eventually feel about each other. So no instant love or love at first sight for these; I don't like that. I know most of these ideas will have romance in it, but, again, I want it to actually work well.


    There are more things that I'm interested in, but those are the ones that came to the top of my head. If you have any suggestions for anything, definitely let me know, or even if you don't see anything on the list but may think it'll be interesting to roleplay together, let me know.

    Please send me a PM if you want to get in contact with me because I will not be replying to this thread other than to mentioned that I'm still looking for partners if I am.

    Anyway, thanks for reading! I really appreciate it, and hope to roleplay with some of you soon. (:
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