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  1. A little bit about myself before you get to read my plots ^^!
    • I want at least one paragraph in each post and don’t worry about grammar and punctuation since I’m not too go with it myself ^^; As long as I can understand you that’s fine!
    • I’m usually the bottom, not necessarily the submissive in the relationship, but I do not mind being a switch :D
    • These are all just suggestions and can be tweaked or you can add something on it if you wish to do so ^^
    • I usually post once a day, but sometimes it turns into once a week... If I have not responded then just poke me because exams and such are up so I tend to forget ^^; Sorry about that! >-<
    • Both genders are welcomed as all pairings are as well! So I'm up for MxF, MxM and FxF if you wish ^o^!
    • There might be more if my brain decides to help me out~! ^^
    The worst for the better
    “I’m so sorry. But I did it for you,”
    Character A happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, though does not know this, and lives on with her/his peaceful life. Character B happens to be one of those involved (can be drug dealing, smuggling or something of the like) and is ordered to “silence” Character A. Instead of telling and executing the order Character B kidnaps Character A and refuses to say anything for the sake of her/his own connection towards Character A. Now they are forced into hiding from the authorities and his previous employers. On the run. How will their story unfold?

    The lost memory
    “Sometimes it’s better to forget,”
    Character A is on a quest to retrieve his memories after waking up in the middle of nowhere. The only thing she/he has is her/his clothes and choice of weapon. They hardly remember their name. On her/his quest to find hers/his memories they come across Character B. Character B responds by wrapping their arms around Character A, proclaiming that she/he is Character A’s lover. Character B refuses to tell Character A what happened, only that she/he has been missing for the last couple of years and that Character B has been searching all that time.

    “If I was given a new chance. I would stay by your side again,”
    In their previous lives they were two unfortunate lovers were they were both sentenced to death due to their love to each other. Now they are granted a new life. A new chance. Character A is reborn as a highly valued citizen with riches up to their ears, but a never ending loneliness in their heart that cannot be filled up, no matter how much money she/he has. Character B grew up with absolutely nothing, but lives in happiness while she/he strives for something more. Something is missing. Fate would have the two of them meeting where Character A will recognize Character B. She/he does not know what they were,only that Character B is the only one that can fill up the empty space in her/his heart. No matter what it takes. She/he needs Character B in her/his life.

    My perfect love
    “You might be the light. But the light requires the darkness to live, and so does the darkness require light,”
    Character A is an anti-social person that prefers to stay by herself/himself and finds humanity to be a lost cause at this point. Losing all hope in finding a real person to love, Character A have fallen in love with a fictional character instead. Drowning themselves in books one day Character A finds herself/himself waking up in an entirely different world. What is this? What happened? Out of the blue she/he is thrown into the battle and they find themselves in the middle of battle. In front of them is the main character they have read and admired so much. Now she/he finds themselves in the shoes of the antagonist of the story. Her/His actions will write out the book from there on.

    Crashing Love
    “I wished upon a shooting star, but instead I got shot down with troubles,”
    One night when Character A is star gazing she/he comes across a shooting star and decides to wish upon the star. Whatever Character A wished for could not have been what happened. The star crashes directly down into their backyard and in the middle of the crater that is left from the impact stands Character B. Natural curiosity got the better of Character A and she/he decides to investigate it further. Character B’s eyes flashes open and the first thing she/he says is: “My Love!”

    “Now that you are my shoes. What do you think?”
    The time were humans were the masters of the nekos are long gone, and after a revolution, the nekos are now on the throne. As a prize Chracter A, the neko rebellion’s leader, took Character B as their prize. However Character A has learned from their long life in slavery and will try to show Character B a new world and a new perspective of the world. But can it be taught with kind words or does it need a bit harder discipline to get inside of Character B’s head?

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  2. You didn't indicate if you're looking for a guy or a girl
  3. Well I am looking for both ^^ Gender does not matter as I am up for all pairings :D I should probably say that thanks for reminding me ^^!
  4. Perfect Love sounds interesting, and I have a few ideas that could work for it, if you want to drop me a PM to discuss it.
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