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  1. So I am returning to the website once again and am searching for some partners. I am up to anything really but would like it to have more action then romance. I am also very flexible and will be willing to do whatever. Lately I have been in the mood to do some male characters so I will probably want to do that over female, but being female i love to play females as well. I am all about improving as a writer. So if you are someone who has patients with someone who will probably be writing less then them then that would be awesome! I will do what I can to get better and math the other person. But i would like at least a short paragraph minimum.
    So now that that is done with the fun part. ^-^

    Roleplays that I have been craving:
    Reincarnated lovers
    Demonxhuman (Past or present)
    Demon hunting
    Mutants in present time

    If you can thing of anything you would be interested pm me or post here and I will be most likely willing to do it. As long as it has some action and/or fantasy in it I am up to anything.
  2. Sounds fun, mind if I join in on the fun? I do have an idea though,
    It involves vampires as well as a reincarnated lover.
  3. Yea of course. :) whats your idea?
  4. Something like this:

    He would do anything to protect his bride to be as well as his kingdom. That included selling his soul...

    Lucius is a young prince and a warrior, with a bride to be. His father is still king, but he has gotten sick and they fear the worse. What makes it worse is a near by country/ kingdom is starting a war, and is trying to invade. Most men who are sent into battle to fight for Lucius end up dying. Then his bride to be announces that she is pregnant. Running out of options, he goes to the woods, to a small temple and prays for something the help him and his kingdom. Then out of the darkness a stranger approaches him, saying that he could help, but there would be a great price...Lucius would have to sell his soul. But he would do anything, he was that desperate to try anything. So he agrees to sell his soul, But the stranger warns that nothing good will come of this either. Here the stranger is a vampire and turns him.

    Using his new found power, he is able to defeat the armies and the kingdom surrenders and declares a peaceful truce. And soon rumors began to spread that Lucius is a monster. And then his wife to be find out that he is a vampire- she caught him feeding off a servant in the tower. Shocked and horrified, she lets out a scream. Lucius tries to explain and every time he would get closer to her, she'd back up in fear until she fell from the tower to her death.

    In despair of what has happened as well as the death of his father, he sends all the servants away. He wanted to wallow in his own despair for all eternity. But maybe just maybe his wife is reincarnated...
  5. Oooooh I like it:)
    would you like to move over to pm or a forum?
  6. I'll PM you
  7. What was your idea concerning the mutants in present time roleplay?
  8. Ohh the Demon Hunting makes me really interested... Sounds like a lot of action, I would love to try and RP a demon hunt with you!
  9. Um well I didn't have a specific idea. But I could come up with a few If you don't have anything in mind.
  10. Still searching! :)
  11. I am open for everything except Naruto, other than that I am interested and fairly flexible.
  12. I have an older plot that revolves around a vampire/werewolf hybrid and a human hunter. If you're interested in something like this I would love to revive the plot and maybe update it a bit.

    The pairing could work as an FxF or MxF if you're still looking to try your hand at a male character. Let me know. :)
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