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  1. Hello Iwaku!

    I'm a 20 year old female, looking for partners for the plots below, but I'm also open to more pairings or any suggestions. I mostly play female characters, and I do prefer MxF pairings although I will also play FxF, as listed in certain plots below. I'm mostly looking for some plot, but I'd be up for some fun short term porn without plot too.

    As for kinks, I'm VERY open minded. I'm more than up for the tagged kinks in any plot and more. I refuse to play outright rape, or with bodily fluids that aren't saliva or those typically involved in traditional sex either. If you have any questions or the like, feel free to drop me a PM.

    Hero x Villain
    In a city where super humans and their mischief is simply the order of the day, a certain celebrated hero has been seeking a certain villain for quite some time. She is the one who always gets away, having always escaped not only justice, but slipping through your own fingers each and every time. It's not just her crimes that get you, but she's made it personal on several occasions, ruining your dates and messing up your plans. It's clear that if she wanted you dead, you would be six feet under a long time ago. She's toying with you constantly nowadays, and there's little you can do to stop her. That is until she slips up, and cornering her at long last, she begins making her excuses. You have a decision to make; believe her and risk letting her get away again, or dish out your own form of revenge...
    [MxF, FxF]

    Faction leader x Lieutenant

    50 odd years ago, the politicians never even started the negotiations to end the third world war. As a result, humanity was bombed until civilization was all but destroyed. In the ruins, however, some groups survive, and compete for survival and land to control. About ten years ago, your faction encountered and conquered another, led by a teenage girl about your age. You took a shine to her, and instead of killing or enslaving her, you make her your second in command. It seemed like a crazy idea at the time, but the risk has paid off sevenfold. She is your most loyal follower today, and has grown into a fierce and beautiful woman. Tonight your people relax and enjoy some music and dance, and you and your Lieutenant are obliged to attend, while your more than capable men and women look after operations at the base. Free to relax for an evening in the first time in years, new and exciting things are bound to happen.

    Princess x Knight

    Rumors abound about the youngest princess of the elfin royal family and her 'wild' antics. Her sister stands to inherit the throne, and her brothers are consorts, or consorts-to-be of princesses and future queens. While she is generally liked, most agree that she is looking for nothing more than some attention from her parents.
    In retaliation, the king and queen assign her a guard, one of their very best knights, to be by her side 24 hours a day to ensure that she doesn't get another opportunity to misbehave. The decision is quite controversial, but there is nothing the princess, or anyone else, can do about it.
    [MxF, possibly FxF with the right character...]

    Modern Fantasy
    Human x Demon

    Demons exist still in the human realm, the sole remnants of an ancient and powerful society existing thousands of years ago. Those who weren't defeated by humanity, were cursed to live for an eternity. In order to maintain their demonic status, the curse involved them using sex to regain their strength, and as an added twist, only through consensual sex. While this proved difficult in times of old, in recent years, demons have been growing more and more powerful as attitudes regarding sexual activity relax.
    A demon lord of exceptional power in days of old, meets a young human girl working at a cafe. Attracted to her instantly, he discovers that she is a virgin 'in an exceptional age', a woman who according to the witch who cursed him, would break the spell if she agreed to be his consort for eternity.​
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