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  1. Good day/afternoon/evening. I'm Tinder and today I am searching yet again for a new partner. Summer break is right around the corner for me and so I've decided to look for a new rolelplay as long as I'll have extra time. So far my summer is looking pretty open which means I'll have lots of time and creative energy to use. That being said, let me get this interest check under way. :)

    Traits I'm Looking For:
    • Length - As a rule, I prefer content be placed in order of importance over length, but I have also found that short posts tend to kill my interest in a roleplay. Because of this, I'd like to ask that my partner be able to post at least two decent paragraphs per post. If you can post more than this, that would be great too. I tend to try to live up to what my partner posts, so when you post a lot, it motivates me to do the same in return. I can deal with less if the plot is at a slow point, but under no circumstance will I accept one-liners. Sorry but like I said short posts kill my interest in a roleplay, especially one-liners.
    • Grammar - I would like you to have a good understanding of grammar. The occasional spelling error or grammatical error is fine, but I would like them to be only occasional. Please be able to write in third person as well and stay in the correct tense. Again, the occasional mistake is understandable, but I tend to be distracted by repeated errors.
    • Activity - This is subject to change, but right now I would like someone who can post fairly often as in at least once or every other day. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm going to be on summer break so I will have a lot of free time to be roleplaying with. Of course I'm very flexible when it comes to this, so feel free to talk to me about it if you're concerned. Also please tell me if you're going to be gone for an extended amount of time or if you've lost interest in the roleplay. I have been left in the cold by partners before and I really don't like when it happens. I put a lot of thought into my roleplays and it's always sad to see one die before it even starts because my partner disappears. I understand that life happens, but I just ask you to be upfront with me when it does.
    • Writing Style - By this I mean how you usually roleplay. I'm looking for someone who will take an active role in creating the plot for the story with me. The ideas I have at the moment are minimal at best and they will need a lot of developing. I want to make these plots interesting with lots of twists and turns, but I can’t do it alone. Please be able to handle side characters as well.
    Alright, that's about all I can think of there. Now onto a few tidbits about myself, just so you know what you're getting yourself into. ;)

    Comments on Myself:
    • I can play both genders, though I would prefer to play the female role if possible. Also I prefer not to double because I tend to focus on one character rather than giving them both the amount of attention they deserve which kind of makes the whole thing a bit pointless.
    • Romance - I only do MxF relationships and I prefer not to have sexual content in my roleplays. I like to keep the romance elements at a PG-13 level, meaning we stop at kissing.
    • Violence - I'm not really bothered by anything to do with violence or gore, so just follow the site's rules and we'll be fine. If you've got any issues with it, please let me know.
    • Language - I can handle language, but I do ask that you keep it to a minimum. If the situation calls for a curse, then I don't mind, but just don't have your character cursing every other word. I find it distracting to have to read through.
    I'll admit, I'm in the middle of finals right now and my brain is complete mush so I'm going to put up preferences for the moment and then add plot ideas later once I've gotten my head together. If any of these ideas interest you, please feel free to contact me and we'll get something together. I like to build plots with my partners as much as I like to make them, so don't be shy.

    Plot Ideas:
    • Learning to Love - There's a man who lives alone in an old castle. No one knows much about him, but there are rumors all over the countryside about him. Some claim he's a sorcerer, others the cursed lord of the manor from long ago, while some even believe him to be a cannibal who kidnaps women and eats them. Needless to say, there is little real information as the man is rarely seen and avoided at all costs. In the nearby village, there lives a shopkeeper wit his wife and two daughters. The youngest, who has always possessed an active imagination, has convinced herself that the mysterious man is a cursed prince who can be saved by true love. One day she runs away to the castle, hoping to make her dreams come true and make the man fall in love with her. Her sister pursues, hoping to get her back before any damage is done. She arrives too late however and finds her sister has been caught by the man. The man is furious with the girl with trespassing and threatens to kill her, causing her sister to jump in the way and offer herself in exchange for the younger sister's life. This leads to the plot begins. What kind of man is this guy? That is something I would like us to discus together. Our characters would be the older sister and the man, and I have left his role open deliberately so that you would not feel the need to write the character in a specific way. I like leaving plenty of room for my partners to be creative, so the action of this roleplay is still mostly undetermined. If you would like to give this a go, then we'll plot out what we want to happen after this. The setting I see as fantasy though I could also see it potential working as a modern setting if we stretched things.
    • Forbidden Love (might have a rough idea for a fantasy style plot here)
    • Reimagined Fairy Tales (rough ideas for Thumbelina and Beauty and the Beast)
    I'm sorry for the short rather uninformative list, but these are the general ideas I'm crazing right now. As I said, once my brain is in one piece again, I'll list more things that have more backbone to them. PM me if any of this sounds interesting.
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  2. Just bumping this really quick. I updated the plots a bit and I will continue to do so into the summer. Come on in and have a look. :)
  3. Hey, I'm up for doing the Learning to Love or Forbidden Love plots. Please pm if you would like to do either with me.
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