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  1. Alright I am trying to make my post quick ( won't be lol.), I am looking for a female roleplaying partner to help me get back into it and unrust my gears. I have only been able to roleplay off and on very rarely over the past few years, and its been a bummer. I want to get back into it. So if anyone is also looking for a roleplay partner, keep on reading lol.

    I do have things I'm interested in doing, I've had bad luck looking for specifically something to do with one thing, so I'm including a bunch of interests and what I'm into, and am also open to some ideas from you possibly if you have any and they seem like something I'd be into. I am looking for a female roleplayer, someone who wouldn't mind romance in a roleplay--it does not have to be the focus of the roleplay, I love action mixed with romance on the side. I do expect someone over the age of 18, I am about to turn 23 myself, but other thing language/violence, romance would be pretty PG13. I can post often, I am currently working as a photographer while looking for a steady job so I have time available to be online. Alright lets get started lol.

    Quick rules.
    -Must be able to post at least 3 times a week, prefer once a day or multiple if we can be online at the same time.
    -Must be able to communicate with me, RP's die from lack of communication and plotting.
    -Please don't just up and disappear. That has happened to much lately, even with people I've known for 6+ years...
    -Here is how the list is going to work. Next to each idea will be a 1-3 star (***) rating on how much I wanna do it. If it has an * next to the name, there is a story/plot idea to go with it typed out below the list.

    -Naruto* (***)
    -Sword Art Online* (***)
    -Fullmetal Alchemist (**)
    -'Gifted' (**/X-Men Alternative without X-Men references.)
    -Ninja/Samurai/Feudal Japan (*)
    -Mild Fantasy/Old World Setting (*)
    -Bandmate x Bandmate/Musician x Friend/fan (**)
    -Car Scene (**)
    -X-Men (**)
    -Pokemon (**)
    -Modern Life (*)

    Naruto: I have plenty of characters, with good stories behind them. Can do AU or Canon stuff, but I personally prefer to use OC's. My OC's can cover most villages (Leaf, Cloud, Mist, Snow(lol), and rogue as well). I prefer not to have the Akatsuki, in place I have my own little bad guy organization, 'Karasu'. ("Raven")

    SAO: No Canon, AU only. Have characters, including an interesting antagonist and story ideas. Want to keep it to season 1, inside Aincrad only. I didn't care for AlfHeim Online and have yet to see Gun Gale Online. Have full blown profiles for 2 characters from a previous roleplay.

    Random...Thing: See my avatar? Yeah, that guy. I would love to do an RP involving him, a broken and cold solider, who needs broken out of his shell before he goes mad...Also, totally 2nds as the antagonist of the SAO RP, after he did go mad.

    If you are interested or think I might be interested in your idea, please let me know. : D
  2. I'm interested in Naruto, since it seemed like you have something going on there.
  3. Awesome, as I said I have a few characters for Naruto based RP's, maybe we can figure out which one would be best based on what you may wanna do. Do you have any pre-made characters or would be making a new one? If you got one in mind, maybe a little info? I can give some quick info on some of my characters.

    I have...
    -Kamoku Hayate-Special Jounin from the Hidden Leaf, 23, ANBU Captain, no family, has contracts with summong wolves, and his bloodline limit lets him blend Fire and Lightning into what he calls 'Aoihirei' chakra. ("Blue fire lighting"...Ok not as cool as it sounds in Japanese, but its cool lol)
    -Reido Matsuro-When doing AU stuff, he's the Raikage of Kumo. 25, has a sister and an older brother, his older brother is part of Karasu. Matsuro Clan bloodline limit is a mixture of Genjutsu and Ninjutsu, seemingly slowing down time for whomever is effected by the Jutsu, but really the user of the Jutsu is just sped up 10 fol, and the effected are seeing time as the user does while moving normally, making themselves seem slow in the process. Basically it works off relative theory, with time and space. lol.
    -Kurai Matsuro-Older brother of Reido and Taki (their little sister), 27, Karasu rogue shinobi, S-Rank Criminal with lots of blood on his hands, including the previous Raikage and his wife...AKA, Reido and Kurai's parents, and tried to kill Taki but was run off by Reido and a number of men.
    -Retsu-Jounin/7 Swordsman of the Mist, from the Mist of course, 19, Retsu is a outcast of the Hyuuga clan, born blind, and left to die in the woods outside the leaf, and taken to the Hidden Mist by an old traveler who found him as a child. Eventually learned his Byakugan could still be used, and didn't feature the known blindspot of the clan, caused by the nerve connected to the back of the eye he happened to be missing...causing him to be blind, but allowing him to see fully when Byakugan is active. He never learned any of the Hyuuga ways, doesn't have a curse mark of the side branch family, eventually learning to use swords...Leading to him eventually becoming one of the best and given one of the 7 Swords of the Mist.

    I kinda gotta cut this short, my computer is restarting itself in less then a minute.
  4. AH, I actually have a few different characters for this. I assume we will not be having the original characters in the series, so I have a Kazekage character, that I ship with a Raikage or any character from Kumo just because of the personalities Kumo characters give off. I also have a medical character who works in the Stone. Lastly, a Leaf ninja that just so happens to be in the ANBU. I'll give you a description of each one.
  5. Hello. I would be interested in possibly doing something with your avatar. Did you have any ideas for it? If not we can always brainstorm.
  6. Subaku No Taciko : Kazekage of the Sand, 24 years of age. She has long, red hair, with matching red eyes. She wears a black top, that only covers her breasts, and a red shirt, that rests diagonally across her waist, with a black belt. Red ribbon is tied around her feet for shoes. She has a gentle personality, and is sweet. She is generous, and knows how to run the strongest village in the world. She is noble, and strategic. When you first get to know her, she is shy, and doesn't really talk much. When she becomes more comfortable with a person, she becomes energetic, and a little hyper. She can be tsundere depending on the person. She also has a dark side. In the midst of battle, she can become a bit sadistic and homicidal. She can manipulate up to three puppets.

    Shikaru Horigome : Jounin of Iwa, 26 years of age. She has long purple hair, that is pulled up in a way males would pull up their hair. Her eyes are a light blue color. She wears a long black and white long shirt with a white clothed rope around her waist with the villages symbol on the very front. The black sleeves chop off around the elbow just to be finished with a longer tan sleeve that cover her hands. She wear baggy black pants that go to her knees, then tan sandal boots that cover up the rest of her legs that the pants didn't cover. She also wears glasses. She has a passive personality. She tends to not show any emotions, but keeps them hidden with other things. Her personality can go from quite and distant to angry and frustrated in different situations. She has an extremely intelligent side, that gets cocky, since she thinks she knows everything. She can become pleasant and gentle when it comes to people in her everyday life. She grows comfortable with them, and shows a more caring side.

    Akane Tachibana : ANBU of Konoha, 25 years of age. She has short, blue hair, and brown eyes. She wears a tan vest, and underneath a one piece, black, tight body suit. The sleeves on the top part, don't go past her shoulder and is only three inches wide, the bottom part of the suit only go down to her mid thighs. She has the ANBU symbol tattooed on her right outer thigh. On her right shoulder she has the village symbol tattooed there. She wears black sandaled boots that turn into black ribbons the further up you look, and the shoes reach her knees. Her mask is that of a cat. She has a hyper active personality, and is a lot of stubborn. She likes to get her way, and loves to give the orders. She only listens to those who are higher up then her. She easy going and pretty laid back in every situation. She can keep her cool, and knows when to stay calm.
  7. I like the idea of your avatar. I'd love to rp with you. PM me if interested
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