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  1. Ok, So I am still very new to this site. As to say, I have just created this site tonight.
    While I am very new to this site I am no where near to being new to the role-playing in general. I am a role-playing veteran so to speak and have been forced into a hiatus due to the lack of legit role-players on the sites that I used to go on.

    We won't get into that.

    Let's get onto the details.

    For the most part I am a pretty flexible role-player, however, do not go anywhere near gore, watersports, no Character death and any weird little kink that just seems in the least bit disturbing.

    I will role-play with non-human characters, however they have to have a humanoid form.

    I am open to Genres:
    Romance, action, Smut are my main ones that I am wanting right now.

    Back before my Hiatus I did role-play the seme role. All though now that I am back, I kinda wanted to try out being the uke role. Keep in mind, while I would prefer it. You will not be getting a cutesy, blushing, helpless, female like uke when we role-play. I do have a seme character if that is an absolute must. And I also have a character who likes to switch it up in bed.

    (These will be added as I come up with them, but at the moment I do not have any. I have to look back at my old ones and revise them before I even think of posting them on here. I will here soon though. And I am always open to your ideas.)
  2. If your still looking, I'm interested. Send me a PM?~
  3. I shall always be looking for an rp partner.
  4. Lalalalala
  5. Just getting myself on the first page again.
  6. I'm interested in rping with you :)
  7. Oh certainly! Did you have anything that you wanted to do in particular?
  8. Always looking!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.