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  1. Hello! My freshman year of college is finally finished and I would really enjoy getting a few role plays going! Hopefully, I can find a good partner match.

    I only have a few rules but, I feel that they are very important rules. I would like you to keep in mind that some of them are negotiable so, please don't turn away before reading all of this post.

    1) Please no one liners. I would like it if you can at least post two or more paragraphs per character you play. I will do the same.
    2) Please have decent spelling and grammar. I realize that mistakes happen and no body is perfect. As long as I can tell you are trying everything should be okay!
    3) Please let me know if you have to drop or go away for a few days. I will do my best to do the same but, sometimes things happen. This rule isn't really set in stone (unless you intend on dropping).
    4) Please be willing to double or play a male. All of the plots I have posted below I would really prefer to be the female unless you want to double or have a fabulous plot of your own.
    5) Please contribute to the story.
    6) Please be able to post a few times a week. I don't require everyday since I myself cannot always post everyday.

    I believe that I have listed all of my rules. If you have any that I have not listed, just let me know!

    Alright, I am just going to list a few of the things that I would be interested in. If they have a star beside them I have a plot for them!

    Tokyo Ghoul* ( I would really love to do this one )
    Kingdom Hearts
    Death Note
    Mob Boss X Rival's Daughter*
    Samurai X Princess*

    If you have a pairing/fandom that is not listed feel free to ask. Unfortunately, I had a brain fart and can't think of everything I wanted to list.

    I have one plot that is based off of a video but, most people have never heard of the game. So, I am going to put the summary of it and hopefully someone will be interested. I have tweaked it a little bit in order to fit my idea a little more.

    When the Cherry Blossoms Bloom:

    It is the end of the Edo Era, and the 3rd year of the Bunkyu Era... The protagonist, Akane Yukimura and her younger sister Miyu, was raised in Edo and are daughters to a Rangaku scholar. Having lost contact with their father in Kyoto, they decide to try and find him.
    There, the two sisters witness a Shinsengumi soldier killing a bloodthirsty monster.
    By a strange happenstance, the girls find themselves connected to the Shinsengumi, and the assassins desperate to kill them.
    As time progresses, the girls will discover the terrible secret of the Shinsengumi...Furies.
    Tortured by their own thoughts, the men of the Shinsengumi wield their blades in defense of their faith and ideals, in an era torn apart by chaos.
    Hidden in the riots that defined the passing of the Edo period, a dark battle within the Shinsengumi begins: A battle that will never be recorded in the pages of history.

    Will the girls be able to survive, find their father, and possibly find love?

    This is based of the game Hakuoki and takes place in Japan in the mid 1800's. This role play would require doubling.

    If you are interested please let me know!
  2. Tokyo Ghoul please . I think , maybe.
  3. You know we already have two rps going, right? XD
  4. Do you play canon characters? I'm willing to double and play one for you as well.
  5. It depends on who you would want me to play.
  6. Loki (Avengers), Dean or Cas (Supernatural), and Light or Mello (Death Note).
  7. Ooohh, I think a Death Note role play might be interesting. I have never played either of them but, if you are willing to bear with me then I would love to!
  8. Still Looking!
  9. I would like to do a Kingdom hearts RP with you if your still looking ^_^
  10. Sure, message me?
  11. Mob boss or samurai one interest me if still open c:
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