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  1. Hey everyone, I figured I would try to give this another go and hopefully find a few partners. In case you want to know a little about me, you can call me Kaitlyn and I'm of legal age. I work first shift so a lot of my responses take place after work. Sometimes I can manage to write a post on break and send it then though. I enjoy ooc chat and having friends that are also my writing partners :)

    While I hate to call them rules, here's a few things to know;

    One lines are not something I find interesting. I like detail and tend to post at least a couple paragraphs a post (for each character). So I'd prefer someone who can do the same and has decent knowledge of grammar. I understand mistakes happen, of course, and I'm not perfect either so I usually don't sweat the small stuff.

    Genders. I can play both male and female. With that said I am one of those people who prefer female, but I'm more than willing to double to make things fair. Same can be said with sexuality. I prefer hetero, but if someone wants slash we could do one of each. (Just be aware I'm new to slash.)

    For fandoms I prefer canon x oc. I know some may not like that and trust me I'm not looking to play some Mary sue who can't do anything for herself. I like drama/conflict/action, which is kinda hard with a Mary sue character. As mentioned above I'm open to doubling and also doing a canon x canon or oc x oc if your willing to do canon x oc.

    I'll rp over threads, email, and maybe pm. I could also try something like Google docs.

    I'm a fairly open person and am willing to try a lot. Want two canons/love triangle to your oc? Sure I can do that! (Just be willing to return the favor!) Want a platonic relationship? Sure! (Just note I like romance and want it for my pairing).

    On the topic of romance, no I'm not interested in love at first sight. I do like it in the rps though. It doesn't have to be the overall thing either. Like I said I also love drama, conflict, action, etc.

    I think that's about it... I'll list anything else if I think of something. So onto the list!
  2. Fandoms
    I'll just list the canons I want someone to play for me

    The 100

    The Originals/VD

    Game of Thrones

    Seth Rollins

    American Horror Story (1-3 and newest season are what I've seen)
    Ambrose (Roanoke season)


    True Blood

    Walking Dead

    The Borgias



    GoT and The 100 (please)


    Viking x captive
    Vampire x human
    Princess x prince
    Demon x human
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  3. Could we do a Demon x human thing
  4. Do you think you could delete your first post please? It kind of breaks up my list and rules and might confuse people.
  5. AHS crave!
  6. I can do a Supernatural rp if you want. c:
  7. I'd be up for that =3 wanna pm me?
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