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  1. Okay, before I start, I'd like to say first off, I only do Yaoi/MxM/BL/BxB/Gay RP's (Psst! They're all the same thing!).

    Soooo here's what I want~

    • Mature scenes (sex, gore, uh.. stuff like that, yeah. I don't fade to black. I like to make my sex scenes hot and steamy and explicit with all the details.)
    • Don't be afraid to let it all out! So what I mean is, if you're character is the type to be completely dominating and degrading or something, let it out. LET YOUR INNER DOMINANCE OUT. I might love you even more<3
    Here's what I don't want~
    • Fandoms.
    As for roles, I can play both dominant and submissive. But lately, I've been aching to play a submissive role~

    I can do most pairings and plots- just ask! So if anybody is interested, PM or reply to this thread <3


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    I'm a lazy ass.

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  2. I'm interested, I'm interseted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. @wildpelt

    Really? Yay! PM me so we can discuss details? <3
  4. YES! HAI! SI!
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  5. Bumparoo~!
  6. Bumping elephants~!
  7. Did I not update ours?
  8. Sorry! I didn't see the 'alert' pop up thingy thingy. Notification. Replying~
  9. Just don't forget!
  10. Ah, ah ! Interested ! I wanna go with the roommate thing, especially the one where one of the roommates finds the other masturbating or something like that xD ( I know I'm a bit late out but ghhh I've been rp'ing too much fxf recently and I'm trying to start a lot of mxm to make up for it x3 (and I love mxm too so))

    If you're still interested I'll PM you x3
  11. MasterxSlave: How open are you to, say, a monster master of some description...?
Thread Status:
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