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    I am
    m a d .

    about . me

    . I am a student.
    . College is starting up - posting will be once or twice a week, depending on how busy I am.
    . Very fond of grammar and spelling (though I can't guarantee I'll ever be perfect).
    . Patient. Sometimes.

    my . writing

    . Slow posting speed.
    . One who appreciated meaty posts and will write meaty posts.
    . Receiving novels makes me aroused excited.
    . Will probably never write a novel in return, unfortunately.
    . An aggressive writer.


    . dark plots
    . psychological
    . whimsical/magical
    . atypical pairings
    . deviation from the stereotype
    . obsession/possession

    for 18+

    . pet play . bdsm . nipple play . degradation . dirty talking . spanking


    . gore
    . mutilation
    . scat
    . water play

    . doctor/doctor
    . doctor/patient
    . anything doctor
    . anything hospital or asylum
    . detectives (with exception if the plot is well-made and interesting)
    . kidnapper/captive
    . sci-fi

    loose ideas

    . unicorn/lion
    . Spin off: Peter Pan and the Lost Boys (Harem type)


    . In the Mountain
    . Together
    . The Lake
    . The Lion and the Unicorn
    . Master

    closed: crossed off

    Of Fantastical Monsters
    What if monsters weren't really bad at all?

    The BoogeyMan
    The one that used to hide under the bed or the closet.
    Children are terrified of them but are they - really scary at all?
    Meet the Boogeymn. They say the Boogeyman is the quintessence of a monster. They say that he's nothing short of terrifying, that he's got the face of a nightmare. And perhaps he is. Perhaps he really is the monster behind every child's nightmare. But the only way to know the truth is to know the story of the Boogeyman.
    When a child sleeps, a darkness lingers. It's like a shadow, the sort of shadow you might see in the corner of your eye. You'd look but nothing would be there. The shadow is a sort of darkness that preys on children. Rather, they prey on their innocence, looking to corrupt them. A Boogeyman is a hunter. He hunts at night and hides 'neath the bed or the closet and he captures the shadows. In a little glass jar, he seals them inside and he returns home where he adds yet another shadow to his collection.
    If a Boogeyman fails, a child is riddled with nightmares.
    It is only up to the Boogeyman to save them in silence.
    Most children outgrow these shadows upon maturity and the Boogeyman becomes a forgotten fragment of their past. But there is one such child that the shadows are attached to and they never let go of him. Into adulthood, the shadows follow and so does the Boogeyman. But with every year that the once-child ages, it becomes harder to hide - harder to become a forgotten fragment in his memories. There is only so much the Boogeyman can do.

    The Grimm Reaper
    What happens after death?
    They say when a person dies, they are sent to heaven or hell. But how?
    This is the job of the Grimm Reaper. He collects the souls of the dead and with his all-knowing eyes, he sees everything. The secrets, the lies, the regret - he sees it all. Then he returns to Elysium, a obscure place that was once the beginning of everything. At Elysium, there are only three doors. First, the entrance in which he will enter and exit. Second, the door to Heaven. And third, the door to Hell.
    It's a mundane job. Collecting souls and depositing them at the proper door.
    Then one day, he comes across a little soul. It's small, a little brighter than the rest, and absolutely artificial. Unsure what to do with this man-made experiment, the Grimm Reaper leaves the little soul in Elysium until he can decide what to do with it.

    Gentle Romance
    Slow-moving and sweet.

    The Light in This World
    X is blind. All his life, he's only known darkness.
    Y has one leg. War changes a man.
    There is a coffee shop just off 2nd Avenue in East Village of Manhattan. It's a little bit unknown, hidden by the allure of bigger and more attractive revenues, but it has its' regulars. Y likes to visit at night, and X visits in the morning.
    One day, X and Y visit in the afternoon.

    In the Mountain
    They say there is a God in the Mountain.
    X is weak. People no longer worship him and his home had slowly been hacked away by the very people who'd once looked up to him. At this rate, he'll disappear.
    Y is a clumsy little angel. No one thinks very highly of him - but his unusually strong powers earns him envy from his peers.
    And like the clumsy angel he is, Y trips (over nothing) and falls from his cloud (apparently his wings didn't work or something lmfao). Landing in a bushel of leaves and twigs, Y is injured with a sprained wing when X comes across him.
    X helps Y out.

    A small abandoned child stranded in the mountains finds himself in the company of an enigmatic man. He does not speak much and when he does, often speaks in a language the child does not understand. But there is something alluring about the man - the way he would stare of into space, or smile to himself as though he'd seen something amusing. The child would look and would see nothing. But, without ever exchanging words, the child comes to recognize the man's home as his own.
    Years later, the child has grown up into a handsome man and the man who'd offered him his home had not aged a single day. The once-child is taller than the man now.
    There is a strange attraction between the once-child and the man. The man continues his days, peering off into nothingness, silently living his days in peace. The once-child is startled to find himself falling in love with the man. Driven by his desires, the once-child's touches become a little less innocent and a little bit of something more.
    Without his knowledge, three-hundred years had passed.

    Option 1
    The once-child finds the bones of a young child. It is him. He'd already been dead for a very long time.
    And the man?
    A figment of his imagination, conjured in the midst of a desperate cry for companionship.

    . A human wanders into the mountain and encounters the ghost.
    . Ghost tries to live the rest of his days pretending the man was real

    Option 2
    The once-child finds the bones of a young child. It is him. He'd already been dead for a very long time.
    And the man?
    A fallen god, stripped of his speech. He sees the world differently than the dead once-child does.

    . Realization causes the ghost to see the world the way the fallen God does as well.
    . The fallen God, completely twisted around the ghost's finger, tries to lure him back to bed.

    Forgotten Love
    Those six months were the happiest months in his life. At least, until the end.
    X and Y had at some point in their lives. They meet again many years later and old feelings are rekindled.

    A BDSM relationship between an older man (the dominant) and a younger man (the submissive).

    The younger man is a full-time submissive for his dominant, taking full pleasure in following his dominant's orders whether it be 'servicing' him or even cleaning the floor. The older man, the dominant, can't help but crave control and the younger man gives him everything he could ever want.

    This one would need discussion and plotting.

    Darker Plots.

    The Lion and the Unicorn
    The Lion is King, fierce and charmingly cruel.
    The Unicorn is Prince, delicate and lithe.
    In a world where the lions and unicorns are on the verge of war, the Prince is handed to the King in an offering of peace. The Lion accepts. The threatening war is reigned in, and the lions do not bother the unicorns. The Lion is gentle with the Prince, so kind and cunningly sweet. The Prince knows that it is all no more than an act but he can't help but drown under the Lion's sickly sweet words. Before he knows it, his eyes are always searching for the King.
    This is the story of the Lion and the Unicorn.


    . an aggressive partner - really tired of being left to lead the rp.
    . someone who doesn't care about the fuck positions - really tired of hearing excuses why you won't play dom/top/seme or (rarely) sub/bottom/uke and will only play on or the other exclusively.
    . fluidity and flexibility is appreciated.

    . also pls don't send me one-sentence pm's. explain to me what kind of writer you are and what you're interested in. plot ideas are also appreciated.

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  2. Really wanting to do that master plot.
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