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  1. Hello!!
    I am looking for someone to play the male in mxf roleplays. I adore fantasy whether it be two supernatural creatures or one with a human. Oh, I also enjoy to have some form of forbidden romance. It's risky and fun! An additional note: I haven't been on in a long while so I am kinda rusty-ish, however I do reply at a decent rate most days. Looking for replys more than one or two sentences though. Thanks for reading and feel free to message me to try and set something up. :)
  2. still looking! I am open to plenty of ideas!
  3. How about urban fantasy, modern ? I have a character I need to air out, shake the rust off.
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  5. sure! shoot me a pm

    I would love to talk more about this, shoot me a pm!
  6. Have a few new ideas of anyone is interested. :)
  7. We may be able to work something out.
  8. Shoot me a pm?
Thread Status:
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