Partner search! help!

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  1. So I have found as I get busier and less of a real life, I crave Roleplays more and more. So here I am, searching for a partner. So some things to know:

    ○ I won't roleplay as people under 18. I don't feel comfortable with it since I'm a bit older.

    ○ I'm not picky at all. I like a little bit of everything and anything. So most anything is perfect for me.

    ○ I typically play females. I don't do guys well unfortunately.

    ○ I will typically match or exceed what you type. But I do prefer at least a couple paragraphs. Gives me more to work with so I'm not the only one carrying it.

    ○ Romance is good in my book, but it's not always needed. It's whatever we both want.

    So as for plots, I don't have too much in mind. A have a few pairings though that we can get more into depth with, or if you have something I'm just fine hearing it!

    Royaltyx help
    Assigned marriage pair runaways

    Just really basic ones I am afraid! But like I said I am more than willing to brain storm with you!
  2. "Royaltyx help"

    I am not in a lot of role plays these days. I am only in one actually. I want to add more to the list. PM me if you want to do something.
  3. I'm definitely interested in something humanxvampire or humanxdemon!
  4. Then message me and lets get something started!
  5. I'm jumping in this thing at mach-5. I'd love to write some characters ive never done before and ive never thought of combos like that. Hey, anybody here, hit me up :D