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  1. So, I just started to think of this idea, and even as I'm writing this, I'm thinking of new things that can be done in it, so feel free to add onto or consider changes to any part my idea if you think about something. I want to be able to talk to my partner about the role-play and what we're gonna do next. That aside, there are a few things that I wanna go over first:

    1.) I'm a very chill person when it comes to response times, and sometimes even I forget to respond.. However, I check this site everyday, and will not mind in the slightest if you've got something that's come up, and have to be away for a while, or you forgot for a moment, or got writer's block. It happens, and I won't be upset. That is, as long as it's within 1-2 weeks, I may be a lax person, but I cannot just ignore someone whose gone that long without warning. If you're gonna be gone for a while, I'd like to know.
    2.) I often write between 2-3 paragraphs, at least 1 when I've go writer's block. I would appreciate the same from my partner, though just getting something out that I can respond to would be nice. Grammar is pretty important to me and I would expect the same level of writing from you as you are going to get from me. I know that words get mixed up from time to time and it may happen to me as well, just to let you know.
    3.) This might be said often, but we don't always have to talk about the role-play! It'd be nice to just be able to talk every once in a while about anything if you want it! To be honest, I like talking about random things with the people I'm role-playing with, sometimes these tangents can give inspiration for the role-play, and it lets me now a little more about someone cool, both are good things!!
    5.) Anything else you would like to know about me, can be learned from from my Role-play Resume, and you can ask me any questions you may have, I don't bite.
    On that note, there will be something about the romance genre on my resume, and I just want to clarify right now that I don't mind romance in a role-play, it just strays outside of my writing comfort zone, so I come off as a bit awkward writing it at all, and I really don't want to inconvenience anyone with my skills.

    Falling RP:
    After a particularly busy, tiring, and overcrowded day at the mall, Characters A and B managed to run into one another nearby a water fountain, while trying to get out of each other's way after a brief meeting, both are prevented, due to a large rushing of the crowd, apparently, some strange man or creature was spotted nearby. In a vain attempt to free themself from the grip of the crowd, Character A attempts to push through, only to be pushed back and into the fountain. A grabs for anything close by as they go headfirst into the fountain, the thing they grabbed being Character B. Both fall into the fountain as well. However, the two of them don't just fall into the fountain, they fall through it, into a completely different world than their own, in which the laws of nature and magic intermingle and sometimes intertwine. With only each other to rely on(either out of convenience or choice), will they be able to make it back to their own world.

    Looks and names are up to you, but here are thepersonality types for the characters
    Character A: confident, can come off as spoiled, standoffish, inconsiderate, wild
    Character B: quiet, kept, faint-hearted, shy, friendly
  2. Hm I'd like to try my hand at this
  3. @Aster Alright, cool. shoot me a pm and we can hash out some details!
  4. Hey your rp looks really intresting, are you looking for anymore people?
  5. @Qrow
    Yeah, I can still on more partners! Just pm me and we can get to hashing out some plot.
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