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  1. So I'm finally free for a while! :) I'm still quite busy, but I'm really trying to be on as much as I can. What I'm looking for is a long-term partner(s) to write with. Please feel free to PM me or post here in this thread. Thanks! :)

    About Me:
    ~I only play female roles unless I'm doubling
    ~I only do heterosexual role plays
    ~My post length is typically around one-four paragraphs (maybe more)
    ~I don't like one-liners, god-modding, gary/mary sues
    ~I can play both Canon and/or OCs
    ~HAVE FUN!!!

    *Not really in the mood
    ***Will do

    ***10th & Wolf
    ***27 Dresses
    ***Almost Human
    ***Anchorman 2
    **Bones (I'm only on the fourth season)
    ****Comanche Moon
    ****Disturbing Behavior
    ***Doom (2005)
    *Harry Potter
    **Hell on Wheels
    **Jurassic Park
    ***Lord of the Rings
    *Pirates of the Caribbean (1,2, & 3)
    ****Star Trek (TOS/Abrams)
    **Star Wars
    ****Straw Dogs (2011)
    **Supernatural (I'm only on the fifth season)
    ****The Notebook (2004)
    ***The Truth About Demons
    **The Walking Dead (I'm only on the second season)
    *Torchwood (I'm only on the second season)
    ****Xena: Warrior Princess
    ****X-Men (90's Animated Series/Evolution/Films)

    ***20's/30's/40's/50's/60's/70's Era
    ****Civil War
    ***Highland Romance
    ****Old West
    *The Revolutionary War
    **Victorian/Regency Era

    Role plays I Won't Do:

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  2. Would you consider a crossover of one of your Fandoms, with one of mine?
  3. What do you have in mind?