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  1. Plot A book is released, millions of copies of the book are sold, but two people wind up with enchanted copies. They both begin to read the story, and are mysteriously drawn into the world behind the tale. Every action they take causes changes within the story, and the millions of books owned by everyone else. While inside the book's world, they have the ability to become anything they want, and possess any power they want. (Within reason of course.) There is only one condition. The story has to end the way the author wanted it do, or they'll be trapped within the world forever.
    Your character starts out as a human, but can change into any race you want while in the book.

    Powers are limited. No God-modding.

    The type of book they are drawn into can be discussed.

    While the characters are inside the book, they are not invincible or immortal. Whatever injuries they receive will be carried out into the real world. (Scars, broken bones, things like that.)

    Inside the book's world, the characters have the power to change their surroundings, but do not have the powers to change the laws of physics within the world. (No removing gravity, or anything like that.)​

    My Character (open)

    Name: Ariel Mesa
    Age: 18

    Everything else is open to discussion. If you're interested feel free to PM me or leave a message on here.​
  2. My Character (open)

    WYATT, Ryan.jpg
    Name: Ryan Wyatt
    Age: 20
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