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  1. Hello! Though I am new to this site, I am not new too the world of Role Playing.
    I'm 18 and prefer to RP with someone 18+, but of course there exceptions.
    I can and will do sexual themes, but if you want smut call it smut; if other wise, we will have a plot.

    I am semi-literate, and can write up to 4+ paragraphs, ranging from (4-6) sentences.

    I have about 6+ years under my belt and soon hope to use my experience here.
    Get to know me a little better?
    I am in school and I have after school activities, so yes, some timesI will be busy.
    But I will not leave you stranded, I promise!
    I am Central US time- so keep that in mind; hopefully we are similar, if not, know I try my hardest to reply at appropriate times for my partner.
    Often enough, I'll be so excited to reply, that I'll even do so from my phone.
    I am more comfortable playing as a female- do not let this discourage you because I LOVE to double, and will do so willingly.

    Now on to what I like;
    - Romance
    - Action
    - Supernatural
    - Sci-fy
    - Adventure
    - Fandoms

    & more.

    If you're interested in RPing with me, then please, message me! ​
  2. Just wondering, what kind of fandoms do you like?
  3. Supernatural, OUAT, The Walking Dead, Fast and Furious, Teen Wolf, and more!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.