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  1. → Hello! ←

    Before I go any further, I don't want just one partner. I come from sites where I can be in multiple roleplays at once and do so with different people. Besides, some of the people I am Role-playing with have different time zones than me and have work, school, etc.

    That said, don't be afraid to ask to Rp.

    I do ask you to go and look at my Roleplay Resume, though, that will give you even more information!

    « Preferences! »

    -Please be okay with playing both genders, and please be decent at both of them.
    -I'm really not one for text talk, being I'm a Grammar Nazi, so please use correct punctuation and grammar. I understand sometimes there will grammatical errors because of a typo or something of the sort, but be neat.

    - NO one-liners. NO exceptions. I've been left with three words in a reply, and yet I still managed two sentences in a response. Have your character wondering or looking around the room, give me SOMETHING to work easily off of.
    -I work with any and all genres! My favorites consist of Romance, Fantasy, Fiction, and SciFi. Horror, depending on the plot.
    -Be able to make awesome character bios/sheets. I appreciate knowing what kind of character I'm dealing with, and, knowing their appearance more easily allows me to give detail.
    -Please be descriptive and detailed. I want you to at least have a year's experience in role-playing, and know what you're doing and what everything means.

    -Be able to help come up with good plots. I may need help from time to time.
    -Be kind. I don't want you to be serious and dull the whole time, and I like to get to know my partners! It's nice to have fun, and joke around too. :)

    That's all I can think of to tell yah at the moment, but anything else you need to know is on my profile.
  2. ah i was wondering if u maybe wanted to rp?/ my rp infos on my page if u wanna check it out
    also dont worry i use proper grammar and spelling when i rp i just get lazy when i talk normally oops
  3. Pfft, yeah, sure! XD I read your writing sample and laughed at the annoyance part. We can Rp anytime yah want!
  4. Pfft, yeah, sure! XD I read your writing sample and laughed at the annoyance part. We can Rp anytime yah want!
  5. !!ah ok cool
    would u like to rp now maybe?
  6. Sure!! What kinda Rp would you like to do?
  7. sry sry im kind of new to this site so im not sure about all the terms for rp types oops
    im fine with anything tho
    like im up for any type of rp u wanna do
  8. Well, I want to be a female, whatever we're doing. I've been playing the guy here a lot lately. XD I don't take it that you're into lovey dovey stuff, so... I'm lost. I'm not sure what you're into. XD
  9. haha im totally fine with lovey dovey stuff
    idk im fine with most rps like fantasy, modern, magical, romance, casual, fighting etc setc idk sry sry im not good at listing stuff
    im fine with p much everything
  10. How about this plot?

    Fantasy- Medieval themed, maybe? Perhaps you play the guard and I the princess. However, she doesn't want to be royalty and tries to sneak out every night only for your character to stop her. Once she finally slips past him, he follows her. Then something happens and they are taken far away and must get back, becoming good friends or more than that- your choice! :D
  11. ah cool cool that sounds rad

    would u want to plot it out more or just skip to starting it?
    also also would u want me to post a quick bio of my dude? just like a quick description i suppose
  12. I think we should go ahead and start it, because when I make up things as we go they tend to be awesome. Plus, it'll give me more time to think and I want to Rp.

    Sure, if yah want. Just use this or something:


    I'll do the same with my character!
  13. Perfect!! I love working with the Horror genre. We can rp anytime
  14. Sounds fun, Makenna! :D
  15. I'm quite interested in roleplaying with you, so I'll PM you soon! I'm sure I can heed your rules and requirements. Currently, I'm still trying to come up with a distinct plot-line and idea to present you with, but I'm still brainstorming.
  16. Sounds awesome; I was thoroughly impressed with your role-play resume, and quite frankly, I'm excited that you would like to role-play with me! I've always had a hard time coming up with a strong plot that could not only last a while but be fun the entire time; just as well, it can be worked with or flexible with changes to improve it! So if you need help I'm sure we could put our heads together and make up an awesome plot.

    I look forward to it!
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