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  1. Hey guys!!
    So I'm searching for some roleplay buddies. I have so many ideas and plots that I want to do and would love to make some new friends.
    I'm not picky with anything and am always open to any sort of ideas, so don't be shy if you want to try anything.
    so my expectations aren't really that difficult. I just ask for someone who is pretty active for the most part. I do not like one liners. Please be willing to play both genders. I tend to lean a bit more towards female but am of coarse willing to do either or.

    So some ideas Ive thought of recently:

    Race care drivers.
    I want to do some teen/young adults race car drivers. Who maybe fall in love or are siblings or great friends. Don't really have any plot ideas for this.

    I have so many ideas for this. So if you love apocalypse then we could have some fun with this.

    So for this one I wpuld love to do two who are siblings. I would perfer to rp the younger one. They were experimented on as babies and are basically used as superhumans. They are used by a group of people who feed them lies and tell them the things they do are for good.

    Anything fantasy:
    Anything ranging from dragons, witches, wizards, and so on.

    Some sort of vampire:
    This could be anything. Like slave. Oooor maybe just a simple love story. Or even vampires actually beeing horrible creatures and killing everyone. Theres a plot idea for this one I've liked which is vampire royalty sort of thing.

    themes I enjoy:
    ~ Midevil
    ~ vampire
    ~ werewolves
    ~ Futuristic
    ~ fantasy

    Those are just a few things I have been craving but there so much more. So post something if your interested.
  2. apocalyptic could be interesting. experiments can also catch my fancy. and vampires are a maybe. pm me details :)

    Edited: also like fantasy
  3. Apocalypse sounds right up my alley too :)
  4. Just uh gonna bump this up. Still searching for more people to keep me busy. ^-^
  5. Hi! The experiment and the vampire royalty role plays sound interesting. I'd be willing to role play those.
  6. Cool! Is there one that you like more then the other?
  7. The vampire one catches more of my attention.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.