Partner requests everywhere.

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  1. I came here to find a nice mature one x one to enjoy myself writing for, but what is my deception when I see: Master x Slave, Master x Slave... Master x slave and vampire related stuff frigging everywhere!! What does this mean? Is Iwaku invaded by some kind of highly hormone teenager avalanche?

    Don't get me wrong, I respect everyone's fetishes, me myself enjoy virtually bossing around someone else's characters every now and then, but where are the regular mature, raw and cold plots? The ones you suffer for and with the character instead of just tossing it into a orgy plot with sex and submission.

    So I'm looking for someone to do a dark RP with some crude psychology and crazy action scenes. Maybe explosions too! That would be neat...
  2. A'splosions are neat. I would be interested in doing something with you. Been a while since I've done a nice dark RP. Yeah you like how I put the word nice behind dark. :D
    I might have something that I can scrounge up from somewhere in the dark vaults known as my roleplay vault. Unless you want to come up with some sort of line that we can base it off of. I prefer with dark to pretty much wing it and let the characters do what they want, but it is so hard to do a whole winged roleplay. :)
  3. Finally! Some darkness at the end of the corridor! Well, I didn't really had any idea, so It would be an honor to hear that idea you talk about, and if it didn't has too muxh explosions, and if you don't mind, we can always talk about it. And that wing it concept... I'm afraid I'm not familiar with it.
  4. Ah, it's a wonderful concept. It is pretty much when you have a base line of about literally ONE line to start the roleplay off and then after that you don't plan anything. It really is more like a collaboration between two different people who are making up things as they go, not basing it off of a plot. They can be quite fun if you have the right partner. It has to be someone creative to keep the plot going by inserting random ideas throughout the roleplay even if it is in the middle of the other persons idea.
    I did though find an actual plot that I would love to take and turn it kind of dark and twisted and this idea would make it rather easy. :) May I PM it to you? This is quite easily one of my most favorite plots (the original one) and I would hate for it to be borrowed with no intention of having it returned to me. D:
  5. Ohhh... Secrecy... Uuuu... I'm already liking it and I don't even read it!

    Sure, PM it so we may discuss it further in private.