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Soon to be on winter break, I'm starting my search now for some partners and roleplays.

some notes:
  • sex in the roleplay is optional (hence both redstar and one-on-one placements of this thread).
  • when spring semester starts (mid/late january), i'll likely disappear for a while once i get in the academic groove. i also have an internship
  • pls don't be discouraged by the above note
  • if you need any more info, please look at my roleplay resume first before asking. that's what it's there for.
Below are some general and not-so-general plots and ideas, but feel free to throw your own plots/ideas/what-have-yous my way.


With flairs of Dragon Age and Avatar: The Last Airbender, this plot is kind of a big undertaking. It was originally written by myself and another member, but it was never played out and as such I would love to try it again. There are two ways/stories we can go about the plot, and there are still some details to be fleshed out. I’m seeing this as MxF, but I may be persuaded for MxM.

In the old world, humans did not exist. Instead, monsters, demons, and spirits alike roamed the land freely. Demons, corrupted spirits in purpose and ideal, were often malicious and sought destruction. But in truth, no creature in the old world had been fully understood. In the original tale, the forefathers, the very first mages, made the land safe by cleansing the earth of twisted creatures, clearing a path for humans to rise to power.

Mages have since been revered as protectors, important to the integrity of society, and they continue to keep the dark forces from overrunning the world. Out of a fast-growing population of humans emerged four clans differentiated by elemental abilities – earth, fire, air, and water – and each ruled by a head mage. There is, of course, no strict divide among the clans, with many different subgroups and commonalities within each one. People are free to live and move between the clans. The Air clan commonly has spiritual mages, Water has blood mages, Earth has metal mages, and Fire has electricity/lightning mages. Many other rare abilities continue to be discovered and mastered. Time magic, for example, and mages of such ability are treated as a myth, or at least not something that is commonly encountered or able to be practiced like other kinds of magic.

But what if the truth was that the forefathers created humans from spirits that they converted? They favored spirits that were useful to them while condemning the ones that did not obey as easily, and essentially began a genocide that led to the destruction and demonization of thousands of natural spirits.

The human form is thus an amalgamation containing the potential for both possibilities: demon and spirit, perceived as a person with good or evil intentions, but was meant to merge and balance these extremes instead of allowing one extreme emotion to dominate the entire being (such as pure pride or pure compassion, which can blind rational thought). By this point in history, humans do not know what they were once before, about their origins, or anything concerning the true nature of the forefathers that created them.

Except for one.

Discovering what humans were before and yearning to free them from binding flesh, one person wants to return humans to their spirit state. Naturally, it would seem that being made human is a cruel punishment, causing such beings constant hardships and suffering, pettiness, sin, and a tendency towards war.

Our villain is someone who has watched the spirits and demons being driven slowly to extinction by their human brethren, and now they wants to stop humans before all of the old world is lost. In their mind, the only way that is possible is by raising a demon army.

With rumors of this demon army reaching the ears of the Head Mages, they recently have reunified to discuss the matter. Currently, they are merely concerned with figuring out where the demons are coming from – not necessarily why they're attacking as people tend to assume that demons are simply evil by nature. For this story, I see my character as being a trusted protege of one of the head mages, or even one of the head mages herself. Your character could be someone who has seen the demon army first hand and is going to be questioned by MC?

On a different spin, my character could be the one to discover this hidden history of humans, mages, and the forefathers, and wishes to expose it. She or he somehow runs into your character, perhaps an ex-soldier, now drunk, or another scholar. Together, they must fight a system that will do anything to keep that history a secret.


Another recycled plot that didn’t play out too much. It essentially is a Demon x Wendigo (supernatural shapeshifter, at least in this story) MxM plot with too much angst to handle.

There once was a tale of a man named Faust.

Sir Faust was a scholar, a weary scholar who'd long since lost interest in the mundane simplicity of life. And so, Sir Faust calls upon a demon from the depths of Hell to make a pact: a soul for knowledge. When death came for Sir Faust, the demon was there to complete his end of the contract. The demon's name was Mephistopheles.

There is a new tale.

The tale goes: Mephistopheles fell in love with a wendigo, a beast of legend who is greatly misunderstood. But when Meph’s contract with one of the villagers is completed, he must leave.

He only returns centuries later, and this time for the wendigo’s soul.


Two birds with one stone? Pirate Captain x Oracle (MxM or MxF or MxNonbinary), King/Prince/Bodyguard/Underworld Lord x Lady. Or it could just be one bird, one stone. idk your call.

A pirate captain, secretly marked by the Hand of Fate (could be similar to the Black Spot in Pirates of the Caribbean, or a more positive spin that allows him visions of what he needs to do next) is hired by a wealthy aristocrat to escort his arranged soon-to-be wife to his home by way of sea. Before the lady and the pirates can make it, however, they wind up shipwrecked on a different land entirely. The sea carries the lady to the shores near a castle where a powerful ruler finds her and brings her in, while the pirate captain is cast to a more desolate location where he discovers the Oracle, someone he believes is important to his quest.


I'm always up for some A:TLA/LoK or Dragon Age (any game though I'm still in my first playthrough of DA2). I love fantasy elements and being able to have some free-flowing creativity.​
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Hmmm... I'll bite. Would you be interested in hearing our other plots?