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Hello everyone! Been thinking about some stuff, and was thinking about trying out 1v1 roleplays. I mostly do groups, but thinking a story could go farther with less people to count on. I have a few scenarios I'd like to try (view below), but Im open to other ideas!

Somethings about me!
  • I traditionally don't do fandoms, though I often take things from movies, books, and video games and make them my own.
  • I love world building! I believe its an important part of any good story, and I love developing locations, lore, and character background using the world me and my partner create.
  • I normally get on everyday, but some times I get writers block and it may take me a day or two to think of something to write.
  • I'm totally cool with making two or three characters to go along with the story, controlling NPC's, and the villains of our stories, but I may expect you to do the same if the occasion rises ;P
  • I love meeting people! Don't be shy, go ahead and leave ideas or interest below :)
Demons of the Land

Ages long before our time, the world was crafted by the Great One. He began life, and in doing so he created another being. The Dark One began to alter the Great One's creations in secret, yet soon he discovered the Dark Ones true potential. He banished the Dark One to the depths of the unknown, yet with one final act, the Dark one destroyed himself.
He casted his souls down to the world, creating horrible monsters, war, disease, and in doing so, the Demons.
Today we still struggle with the Demons and their hordes of creatures. We know not why the Great One left us with these creations, but it is clear its up to us to protect ourselves. This land needs a hero... Perhaps it could be you?
  • A fantasy land in turmoil. How cliche xD. Though it is one of my favorite genres and has the greatest potential for world building.
  • I would be highly interested in this genre, but would need a dedicated partner to help build lore, world history, and more! (As we go along, or before hand.)
  • I really want to make a unique world, unlike Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc.
End Times

The end of the world has finally started. It wasn't zombies, nuclear weapons, a solar flare, or anything like that. It was the myths that we told our children for fun. What the old civilizations feared. Dragons, werewolves, demons, the whole nine yards of supernatural. Our governments tried to protect us, but they are failing. Cities are falling, people are dead, and their doesnt seem to be an end to these damn beast. Our only goal now is to get outta this hell-hole of a city.
  • Yep, another apocalyptic one. Everyone is doing ones about zombies, but I wanted to do one about mythological monsters coming to Earth. Not that popular of a genre, but I think it could be a unique and fun thing to try with the right person!
  • Not much world building here either, and alot more of just jumping into it and having fun.
Escaping the Walls

Never eat more than whats on your ration card. Never enter restricted areas. Never skip out on your job. Lights out at 8.
They protect us. Give us food, clothes, water, and shelter. But for what? To use us to protect those higher up if those bandits get in from the outside? Its only a matter of time before those walls fall, the bandits get in, and whatever the hell they are running from come in behind them. We aren't staying here another night, we are leaving first thing in the morning.

  • Annnnddddd another apocalyptic one. This one is gonna be less on creatures, and more on fighting other humans. (maybe later on mutants). Thinking of doing this more heavy moral themed than action themed.
  • Story building again, but less than the first one.
  • Gonna be dark and lots of hard choices.

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Supp, I've never done a 1x1 role play and I'm a bit of an amateur but I would be interested in doing a roleplay or two with you.
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Heyyyyy! I wasn't initially looking for a partner, just browsing around, but you and I clearly seem to have similar aspects we love to roleplay; One of my favorite things to do is worldbuild, I also normally get on every day and sometimes have the same writer's block situation, I play multiple characters to find out what works in the story and what doesn't, I'm not into most fandoms unless I can put a unique twist and it seems we both are flexible with story "aggressiveness".

I am not looking for a couple-month-fly-by roleplay; For that, I would need so much more time. I work and home and away, I have friends I need to see but at the end of the day I feel like I need to be writing or creating something (hence the constant worldbuilding). I would love to just work on a story compilation for as long as it takes to create one of quality. I'm not saying it's all seriousness though ;)

It seems to me that you seem to focus more on the dark aspects whereas I focus more on the light. I'm sure neither is completely true but I do think it provides an important balance to a team.

a few things you might need to know about me
  • I move at an untimed pace, I might disappear for a bit but I'll always return.
  • My writing style constantly changes, I'm an ambivert so I naturally feed off of the vibes I get.
  • I love learning, please instruct me if you see something I need to work on. I won't always be perfect with grammar and will alternate my sentence styles.
  • I LOVE detail but I don't have to have it, Usually the detail comes as extra if someone else doesn't use it.
  • I like to get into character, I use music to inspire my writing moods.

Side note: I have been thinking of creating a world similar to Demon of the Land and Shadow of the Colossus. Using giant creatures/colossus/uninteligent demons that have ruled for almost the planet's existence. The planet's inhabitants aren't ready for a change but it happens anyway.

Okay... That was waaaay more than I intended to write. >_<
Just, give it to me straight, let me know if you still looking or what.
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Demons of the land sounds truly fascinating, with so many options to decide on what you could do. If your still open to do that RP with someone please pm me ^_^
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Glad to have so much interest! I'll reply to everyone tonight, busy with some yard work, but I'll for sure respond to everyone tonight :)
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