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  1. Hi! So, like the thread says, I am looking for some romance partner requests. First, a little about me!

    About Me:

    I prefer to play the female in M/F role-plays, but I can play the male if I am interested in three role play enough.

    I only do M/F role-plays, I apologize.

    Romance is a must for me in all of my role-plays.

    I hope that you at least post once a day, but I will be very active and able to post throughout lot of everyday and if something happens I will let you know.


    1.) A Summer In Italy

    Character A and Character B have been best friends for as long as they could remember. They were inseparable since their first play date at day care when they were kids. Now as their last summer before they begin separate colleges, Character A's aunt invited them to stay in Italy with her for the summer. He of course accepts, and brings his best friend with him. As they spend the entire summer together, they go through many trails deciding where their relationship stands and if their friendship will stand, or crumble as the two recognize feeling for each other.

    2.) Bad Boy Next Door

    Character A is new to town, and little does she know that when her and her family move into an empty house, that the bad boy lives next door. When they meet she wants nothing to do with him, but all he wants is to win her over, whether it's for the popularity boost, or because he actually has feelings for her is unknown. So, they make a bet. They would flirt, kiss, go on a couple dates, and have fun, but the first to fall for the other had to pronounce their love in front of the entire school at prom a few months later.

    3.) Crossing Lines

    Character A has been through more in her life than most people have thought possible. As she finally turns 18 and moves into her very own apartment and starts a new job, she can't wait to make a new life and start over. That is until she meets Character B one night at the cafe she works at. They talk, they get to know each other, and sparks fly. The next morning she wakes up and everything is different. They decide to pretend like nothing happen, but three weeks later Character A finds out that she is pregnant. What will they do now?

    4.) Together Forever

    Character A and Character B were the perfect couple. They had arguments, but always made up. They took things slow, and fell in love. For three years they dated and had the perfect relationship that everyone wanted, then a falling out ended their relationship suddenly. A year later they are moving in together, but not as lovers, as step siblings. While living together they try their best to avoid each other as much as possible, but when sparks fly again, will they have to go their separate ways for good, or will they survive?

    5.) Hoping for a Miracle

    Character A has been fighting cancer for nearly nine years, but as she turns 18, she decides to stop the treatment and live her life to the fullest. The only thing is, she doesn't tell anyone she quits chemo. Character B is the schools and towns bad boy. He drinks, does drugs, is a player, and breaks all the rules. When him and his friends get into some legal trouble with the school, Character B is forced to attend a help group where he is paired up with Character A. As they grow to know each other, he falls for her, something she told him not to do. She helped him get his grades up, and he helps her live a little. That is until she ends up in the hospital again and she is forced to tell him that she quit chemo, something that devastates the boy in love. (Then we can take it from there and decide what happens.)

    6.) Best Friends

    Character A and Character B have been best friends for years, despite their differences. Character A is the reserved, smart, quiet, good girl that every guy in the school would love to have, but is too afraid to ruin their reputation. Character B is the jock/ bad boy of the school. He plays every sport you can imagine, and every girl in the school wants him. These two fight all the time, and don't have much in common, aside from the fact that they can't go a day without seeing each other. When Character B convinces Character A to go to a party for the first time, he never expects her to meet a guy there. As much as she likes him, is as much as her best friend hates him. He just can't shake a feeling about the guy, until he realizes that he is jealous. As he comes to realization to the fact that he has feelings for his best friend, her new boyfriend begins to physical abuse her and try to force her to become sexual with him. When Character B finds out, he is not a happy camper, and his feelings fall out on night when him and Character A get into a argument about her not telling him what her ex boyfriend was doing. When he kisses her, their entire friendship changes, whether it's for the good, or for the bad is yet to be known.

    I will update every time I come up with other ideas, but until then feel free to message me or comment on here if you are interested in any of these ideas, or you have your own you'd like to find a partner for! Also, just thought I'd throw in that ALL iwaku rules apply to these role-plays, especially age limit on the smut role-plays. So don't even ask about smut unless you are over 18. Thank you!:)
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  2. Still looking...
  3. I'm still looking if anyone is interested in these plots! I'm also open to any ideas you have!:)