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  1. Hi, I'm really, ridiculously new here and looking for Partners. I'm happy with more than one. And if none of my ideas are up your alley feel free to suggest new ones. Post here or PM me if your interested.

    • Medieval kingdom. AT least two different neighboring kingdoms. Conflict.
      • Magic is optional. Dragons, unicorns, etc. Wizards, non human races. Whatever works
    • Modern day society. A bit more of a Gothic, light horror theme. There will be death, mystery, ghosts and a witch hunt like scenario. Light fantasy elements.
    Pairings (doesnt have to be romantic)
    • Were X Were or human
    • mage X human
    • Dragon X human
    • Assasian X Victim
    • Escaped criminal/mental patient X wealthy person
    • warrior X mage
    • mermaid X human
    • princess/prince X peasant/servant
    • animal/furry X animal/furry
    My favorite characters (we dont nessecarily have to use them. I can make others)
    • Ari- Werecat. Very tall and slim, pale skin blonde hair and golden cat eyes. Cat form is a large golden tabby. Usually shirtless. Playful, arrogant. Played as a wanderer, queen/noble womans pet, or stray. Bisexual.
    • Jura- Dragon. Very small, slim with violet scales and green eyes. In some RP's she is a were and changes into a small, agile human girl with green eyes and silvery hair. Quiet, thoughtful. Straight
    • Sibyl- Very shy, nervous human girl. Submissive type. Very jumpy with long silver hair and golden eyes. can be a were. Straight.
    • Venus- Human or anthro type. Magic user. Cruel, power hungry and manipulative. No set appearance. Bisexual.
  2. can we do a nonromantic
    • princess/prince X peasant/servant type of story, I also have a few of my own ideas if tou wanna take a look.
  3. I would like to do a fantasy with either your were-cat or with Sibyl ^^
  4. I only joined here yesterday, been looking through possible RolePlay stories to join and yours sounds intriguing (big fan of the not focusing on romance, I like having other stories be told :3 ).
    I would be happy with either of your suggested themes, though I do have a soft spot for medieval ones in particular.
    And I'm drawn to Ari, your werecat character, sounds like a very fun one to play! But I'd be fine with another as well, if you want to have a go at writing together :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.