[Partner Request] The Empire Club (CLOSED!)

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    Dear Potential RP Partners,

    I am here with a Libertine plot that may interest you. Please, do take a look.

    With deep regards,

    =Rules and Offers=

    Necessary to get us on the same page, please take but a moment of your time to carefully read the rules, they aren't long,
    1. All IWAKU rules apply, obviously
    2. This RP will be in 3rd Person, Past Tense
    3. RP through Threads only
    4. 3+ Paragraphs should be the norm, can be more or less depending on the scenes. I can write a Novel of a post when inspired enough.
    5. Artwork/Anime/Comic style character pictures, Please no Real-life models
    6. Open-minded, this RP will have a lot of mature themes, (possible) rape, heavy BDSM, dubious consent, humiliation, age-play, and others
    7. Communicate with me on what kinks you're comfortable or not. As for myself, my hard lines are NO Furries, Yaoi, Toilet play, and Gore
    8. Got an idea? Tell me! Wanna end the RP? Tell me! Good OOC Communication is key to a mutually enjoyable RP!
    9. Most important of all, Have FUN!! Yes! We're here to have fun! If there's something bothering you? Tell me!
    10. As a proof you have read the rules, please state your Favorite Color or Food.

    Welcome dearest, to the Empire Club, where you will have no need of anything else. Your life, body, and soul, your whole world now belongs in here.

    Whether you were a nobleman's daughter, a smith, a merchant, or even a pauper, it doesn't matter. You are one of us, fortunately blessed with a lifetime employment. Oh no, you won't ever worry about leaving or turnover, we'll keep you... for eternity.

    Well, at least until someone pays good money to buy you anyway.

    So, once again, Welcome to the Empire Club... slave. We'll train you to be a good and obedient doll.




    Now that I've set the setting, how about your role(s)? Well, varies, depending on you choice, you can be:
    1. The Club's Manager (M/F)​
    2. One of the Trainers (M/F)​
    3. One of the Slaves (F only)​
    4. One of the Regular Patrons (M/F)​
    5. One of the Guards (M only)​
    6. Ideas? Just shoot!​
    We can even Double and play multiple characters. :)

    As for me, I am thinking of playing both the Club's Manager and one of the Slave girls. Of course, I am open to suggestions and ideas from you!
    • Interested? Post here in this thread or PM me!
    • I am open to suggestions, but the core setting must be what I've put above
    • Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Post here in this thread or PM!
    • If you know which series I got (stole) the screenshots from, I'd give you an internet :cookie: !
    Hope to see some interest!

    Good day, folks!
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  2. Still looking for partners!
  3. I found a partner! Thank you, everyone!
  4. Awww, of course I miss the good ideas D: Well I just wanted to express my interest regardless. If perhaps the current one falls through would you consider taking me on in it's place? It sounds like a lovely idea and I'd have no problems playing a few characters for this sort of rp.
  5. @Nickboom Thank you for expressing your interest! :) unfortunately the thread is closed, yes.

    Hmmm, if I decide to open the thread again maybe... but unlikely.

    Nevertheless, good luck in your RP-ing endeavors, Nick!
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