Partner Request Not By Quiet Musician

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  1. So the title is obvious. It's a partner request NOT by QM. In fact, QM got so lazy they decided they decided they'd let me, Shinichi (an entirely fictional character) do the selling. In short, I'm supposed to make YOU, the reader interested in roleplaying with QM. Well let me tell you a little bit about QM, they are incredibly lazy and lack reliable internet, but somehow they manage to squeeze out several replies a day. How, I will never know. Furthermore, QM is genderless. They refer to themselves as both genders and will claim both genders. So don't be surprised if you have people calling QM him and her or it. If that doesn't bother you, then I suppose I can continue. QM has a variety of interests.

    Let's start with me! Because I'm their newest character (and the obvious favorite amongst both males and females. *wink*). I'm Shinichi, a thief whose goal is to simply get rich by any means possible. Of course it doesn't hurt that I have (dramatic pause) devilishly handsome features. (Cheeky smile). I'm usually a human, but I've also been a vampire. I like women with huge breasts and curvacious bodies! I belong in an action packed setting where my woman to be is probably a rich dame of some sort or she's the person trying to keep me from stealing. I've always wanted to get it on with a guard. Or maybe she's actually going to help me steal. Either way, she has to be interesting and full of bold personality. I love a woman who can take control. HOWEVER, I do not get it on with anyone under the age of 18. That's just gross. Do I look like I belong in a dungeon? The answer to that ladies and gentlemen, is NO.

    Since I am a new character, I don't really have any recent adventures. Though I could make one up... Perhaps at a later time I will do such a thing. Now for other interests of QM.

    They like kinky stuff and supernatural beings. Their specialty is males, though they can play females as well. They don't like to be super heroes as they like being the villain. QM's main stereotypes are as follows:

    Thieves - Such as myself!
    Vampires - Not the ones that sparkle. Twilight fans exit stage right
    Phantoms - As in Phantom of the Opera phantoms
    Assassins - Killers in the night
    Killers - Serial KILLERS
    Nymphomaniacs - Sex obsessed characters
    Cold Blooded Lovers - Dark and mysterious males that will taunt you with their gorgeous looks, but repel you with their lack of kindness
    Butlers - Like Sebastian type butlers
    Genius Criminals - (This stereotype is experimental)
    Spider Man!! - QM will always roleplay as Spider Man so long as there is a Gwen Stacy (OCs accepted)

    NO GOs
    Family Men
    Super heroes
    Anything QM considers boring to envelop an eventless life

    So, with all that mess out of the way... Are there any takers? Don't all jump out at me at once.
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  2. -fan girl squeal- haha just kidding.

    Interesting introduction, caught my attention and now Im interested.
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  3. QM: Splendid! Looks like Shinichi did his job. Did you have any plot candies or characters you like? With this information I can concoct a plot that will best suit both our interests.
  4. Make sure to reward Shinichi for his good work haha.

    As for plot candy, I was thinking of something along the lines of a the 'devilishly handsome' thief getting his wish with a female guard that could be some kind of knight, police, ect. Supernatural settings are also a big plot candy for me so I can with that as well. Every goodie two shoes should always have some fun with the bad boy, right? hah.
  5. QM: I will have to reward him indeed. *mumbles* He did do a rather good job.
    Shinichi: What was that!? *Pushing QM out of the way* This is my specialty. It's only natural I should discuss the plot ideas with you. Let's see. I kind of want to be a vampire thief. Since that would be the most interesting thing for my first adventure of mayhem! Now, my female to be could be a hunter of vampires or a sweet girl who utterly despises my need to steal everything worth of value, but no woman can truly hate me. I mean, just wait until you get a look at me. It'll be love at first sight I tell you.
  6. I'm sure you might be right haha. Being a while since I've have a sweet girl as a character so we can go with that. Shall we discuss this thru pm?
  7. Im interested in doing a rp with you.
    ^~^ like a vampire one or thief.
  8. Lol highly entertaining intro, I enjoyed it.

    I'm interested in the Spider Man idea if you dont mind OC's. I dont like playing Canons.
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  9. Sounds like a plan! With that being said, to the PMs! Also I am glad you liked my intro. Shinichi did do a good job.
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  10. I would like to Rp with you as well, I mean if that is ok? I would like to to Cold Blooded Lovers.
  11. I'm willing to try a thieves rp with you make we found a way to get into the palace of a rich Kingdom