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    I'm a girl who can play both female and male counterparts.
    I like to think that I use proper grammar and punctuation, and I also believe that I create interesting characters.
    I'm interested in not just role-playing with others, but creating a story line that eventually builds into something more for both of our characters.
    I am only interested in m/f pairings. It does not matter if you are a male or a female, as long as you can play the opposite gender of my character, we're all good.
    In sexual scenarios, I would prefer it if we could do fade-to-black. If you want to role-play out the entire sexual encounter, I'm afraid that I am not the partner for you.
    Role-playing No-go's: Kinks, Furry, M/M or F/F, Sexual scenes
    Please do not get me wrong, I am not against LGBT or anyone of same-sex sexuality. The only reason I wish not to role-play it myself, is simple really. I am straight. Nothing going on here except for that.
    I love the cute stuff. I eat it up. I love the nerds and the sweethearts and the shy kids and all the cutesy pairings and ducklings and whatnot.
    I also love the unique characters. I love things that are original and interesting. I love horror. I absolutely live for it. I love dangerous scenes. I love freak-outs. Scary stuff is my pizza. But I am not limited to that. I absolutely love things that are different. Different things are amazing, because they are different. Enough said.
    I can write from the nerdy kid, to the social butterfly. To the goth one that comes from school with makeup to hide the latest bruise, to the person who is showered with attention. There is a whole world of things I can do, and things I like to do. I have no end to my creative abilities and my potential to whip up a new whiplash plot twister.
    Pairing roles can be discussed, I'm open to most things.
    I like Forum RPing and PMs. It's up to you.
    One paragraph+
    No one-liners, unless you're going to work/school/something and you really have to pee and you just want to squeeze out a quick few sentences before your organs explode. Then it's fine.
    I am pretty fast at typing. I usually will mirror what you type, But I normally type one to five paragraphs, Each paragraph having at least five long sentences.
    I will normally type and post a sentence within five to ten minutes of you posting yours.

    * - Convince me
    ♦ - I like doing this
    ☼ = I'm extremely interested in this
    ☻ = I love this
    ~ = I have a P l o t!
    ♥ = Marry me

    P a i r i n g s

    F a n d o m s

    S h o w s
    The walking dead - ♥
    Carl x OC - ♥
    Carl x Enid (SPOILER) - ♥
    Glenn x Maggie - ♥
    -OC x OC
    -Canon x Canon
    -OC x Canon
    Haven - ♥
    -OC x OC
    -Canon x Canon
    -OC x Canon
    Heroes (Any pairings) No preference, most likely made-up or Claire - ☼

    Pretty Little Liars - ♥
    Aria x Ezra - ♥
    Hannah x Caleb - ♥
    Spencer x OC

    Lost girl - ♥
    Bo x Dyson - ♥
    Bo x OC
    Kenzi x OC
    Kenzi x Hale - ♥
    B o o k s
    None yet

    M o v i e s
    Divergent - ☼
    Percy Jackson -☻
    -OC x OC
    -Canon x Canon
    -OC x Canon
    -Percy x Annabeth
    -Annabeth x Luke

    A n i m e
    SAO: Kitiro x Asuna - ☻
    GGO: Kirito x Sinon - ♦

    M o d e r n
    Ex/Ex ♦
    Burglar/Person home - ♥
    Teacher/Professor x Student - ☼
    Photographer x Model - ☼
    Assassin x Target - ☼
    Guard x Prisoner - ☼
    Survivor x Survivor (Zombie apocalypse/dystopian future) - ♥/~ (Plots for both)
    Test Subject x Scientist - ☻
    Test Subject x Test Subject - ☻
    Rich x Servant - ☻
    Bartender x Bartendee - ☻
    Supernatural things going on (Not the show, Sorry guys.) -

    NerdxJock - *
    Any teenager/school pairing - ☼
    College students - ☻
    Professor/Professor - *

    M e d i e v a l / R o y a l t y
    Prisoner x Princess/Prince - ♦
    Arranged Marriages (Prince x Princess) - ♦
    Prince/Princess x Spy of other country - ☻
    Prince x Servant - ☼
    Servant x Princess - ☼
    Royalty x Non-Royalty (vise-verse) - ♦

    M y s t i q u e
    Angel x Mortal - ♦
    Angel x Vampire - ♦
    Human Male x Mermaid- ♥/~
    Merman x Human Female- ☻
    Rich Female x Male manservant - ☼
    Rich Male x Female Servant - ☼
    Human x Mythical Being (vise-verse) - ☼
    Fairy x Human (Genders up for discussion)
    Prince x Servant/Mythical Being (ex. Mermaid)/Mythical Being Servant- ☼
    Vampire x Mermaid - ☻/Human - ☻/Android - ♦/Hybrid -☻
    Lycan/Werewolf x Mortal - ♦
    Vampire x Mortal(Kidnapping or seducing or by having a plot)- ☻
    Ghost x Mortal- ☻

    Most of these pairings are only ones I've found on websites and such.
    I am not limited to these. Please, tell me your ideas.
    I'm open to mixing and matching a few of these pairings, as well.

    R e l a t i o n s h i p g o a l s / w a n t s
    Drama- ☻
    Death in the family- ☻
    Drama- ☻
    Cutesy stuff- ☻

    Drama- ☻
    Did I mention Drama?- ☻
    Unique characters. Characters that make you take a second look - ♥
    Teasing - ♥
    Joking - ♥
    Pranking - ♥
    Bad boys/Bad girls - ♥
    Rebels - ♥
    Risk-takers - ♥
    Danger - ♥
    Shapeshifters - ♥
    Multi-character plot. - ♥ ♥ ♥
    I absolutely love when role-plays have multiple characters and they all fall in love in different ways. It's amazing.

    A few plots;
    (If you like them, but don't want to do them with me, you have my full permission to use them with others or in a group. I hope you have a good RP.)

    List of plots I have but don't want to put all of them down, so here are the titles.
    (If you are interested in any of these, Please tell me. I will PM the plot(s) to you.)
    Hurricane Flood plot
    Summer Beach house party plot
    Endless summer road trip plot
    Are you afraid of the dark plot
    Lake house summer plot
    Winter cabin plot
    Prom snowstorm plot
    Winter lock down plot
    Senior boys slave auction
    Senior girls slave auction
    Camp out
    Prom from hell plot
    Reality TV Show plot
    Detention (Locked in, Snow-in)
    Detention (Locked in, Non-snow in)
    Supernatual powers (Kidnapped)
    Haunted Mansion
    BCG Prom plot
    Slumber Party plot
    Haunted Camp Plot (Cabin)
    Beach Party Plot
    Madagascar (Non-plane crash) plot
    Winter wonderland (Band) Plot
    Snowed in (House) plot
    Armon Academy
    Exchange students
    SVU plot
    Kidnapping RP
    Regular camp out
    Haunted camp out
    Senior girls auction
    Zombie plot
    Supernatural academy
    Football game
    Regular academy
    Detention Lock in/Snow in
    Reality TV show plot
    Prom from hell
    Spies RP.
    Class trip
    Cruise plot
    Wedding crashers
    Supernatural RP

    1950's Plot:

    We go to sleep that night, in our own rooms and in our own lives, But we awake in another.
    When we awake, We awake next to someone. We have wedding rings, and some of us have kids.
    When we awake, we awake in the 1950's, and everything is in black and white.
    When we awake, we are forced into a life we never thought was possible.
    When we awake, nothing is the same.
    (You wake, in a strange place, in a strange house, with a strange person next to you. Everything is in black and white, and you choose whether you are married and with kids.)
    You choose with your partner whether you are married and with kids, and when you awake nobody knows the person next to them.
    Oh, another thing, when you awake, you're older than you were before. At least 18, if you weren't before.

    Tales of the high seas - ☼

    Muse A is the child of wealthy man living in a seaside town; they’ve
    always been afraid of the sea, yet oddly fascinated by it. When Muse A
    was a child, the ship they were sailing on was attacked by pirates and
    they were barely able to escape. Although the lure of the sea has
    always been there, Muse A has since refused to ever board another
    ship. Several years after their brush with pirates, in the dead of night, a
    suspicious ship sets anchor a little ways away from shore. Pirates
    make landfall and begin to pillage and plunder the town. The militia
    stationed in the town are quick to react and a fierce battle breaks out.
    With the perfect distraction created, the captain of the ship, Muse B,
    heads for the most opulent-looking manor.
    Muse B breaks in to Muse A’s home and begins to raid Muse A’s late
    mother’s jewelry. In an attempt to stop Muse B, Muse A steals one of
    their father’s swords and holds the pirate at sword point. Since Muse A
    has never had any kind of training, they are easily overpowered by
    Muse B. Upon taking a closer look at Muse A, Muse B decides that
    they are worth far more than any bejeweled trinkets. So Muse B offers
    a proposition; in exchange for ending the bloodshed and leaving port,
    Muse A must come aboard Muse B’s ship as a captive. Muse A is
    terrified, but they are kind-hearted and wish to protect their town, so
    they reluctantly agree. So now Muse A must face their fears and leave
    their life behind. How will they fare and what will their relationship be
    like with Muse B?

    Treasured - ♥♥

    According to sailor legends, merpeople are beautiful and benevolent
    beings who guide lost ships to harbor and bring great fortune to kind
    fishermen who empty their nets for a chance to hear a merperson’s
    song. The song of a merperson is an ethereal treat that few people at
    sea (and even fewer on land) have the privilege of hearing, but those
    who do are said to be blessed for the rest of their days.
    Muse A is a merperson, born to a merman and a sea witch. Cursed by
    wicked blood, Muse A’s song is doomed to bring misery and death to
    anyone who hears it. Though it is not their fault, Muse A has been
    forbidden from singing to anyone (human or merperson) for as long as
    they live. Unable to sing freely like their seafaring kin, Muse A is an
    outcast and believes they will never know the joy of changing a
    human’s life for the better. Always lonely underwater,Muse A secretly
    travels to the surface in the hopes of finding companionship. Merely
    speaking to a human couldn’t hurt, they suppose. One afternoon,
    Muse A encounters Muse B strolling along the shoreline, pitching small
    pebbles into the surf. Fearing rejection from the first human they’ve
    ever seen, Muse Athinks to swim away but Muse B spots their
    shimmering tail and calls out to them. They keep their distance from
    one another as they speak, one on land and one at sea, but are too
    intrigued to part ways. As it gets dark and the air becomes cold, both
    must take their leave of the beach. Uncertain if Muse Awill ever see
    another human, Muse A hastily promises Muse B that they will bring
    them treasures if they come back. Muse B is uncertain if its wise, but
    they agree to return. True to their word, Muse A brings a valuable
    trinket from a shipwreck far below in simple exchange for Muse B’s
    company. As the days pass and Muse B continues to return, it seems
    that Muse A has finally found a friend. All will be well, as long as they
    don’t ever sing to Muse B.

    Power Couple - ♥

    Muse A and Muse B are two halves of an A-list celebrity couple.
    Together, they have millions of adoring fans and millions of dollars to
    spend on whatever they could possibly desire. Despite the occasional
    tabloid article, Muse A and Muse B seem to be living a Hollywood love
    story, complete with cozy rendezvous in VIP sections of the hottest
    nightclubs, romantic dinners at the chef’s table in the trendiest
    restaurants, and affectionate touches on the red carpet at public
    appearances. Being as famous as they are, Muse A and Muse B are
    mobbed by paparazzi everywhere they go. Outside of their glamorous,
    gated home, the star couple can’t get a moment of privacy. But that’s
    perfectly alright with them because the truth is that Muse A and Muse
    B are together strictly for publicity. Behind closed doors, Muse A and
    Muse B absolutely despise one another and they secretly do
    everything they can to sabotage the other’s career.

    A Fine Feathered friend. - ♥

    Muse A has always loved nature. Even though they live in an urban
    area, they find the time to walk to the local park every day and spend a
    few quiet moments enjoying the greenery and animals around them.
    They always relax on the same wooden bench and lately have been
    noticing the animals seem to have grown accustomed to their
    presence. In particular one beautiful, curious crow. It keeps its
    distance, but always appears so intelligent and sharp, watching
    intently with its ebony eyes.
    One day Muse A brings a small bag of trail mix as an offering to their
    new feathered friend. The crow caws happily and devours the
    assortment of raisins and nuts. The following day Muse A returns with
    a snack and the crow is there, this time with a shiny twist of metal in
    its beak. When the treats are scattered along the ground, the bird
    drops the paperclip - a gift - at Muse A’s feet.
    This ritual exchange carries on until one day, the crow doesn’t show.
    Muse A is heartbroken, missing the therapeutic one-sided talks and
    charming company of their wild friend. Muse B appears, seemingly out
    of nowhere and sits down on the wooden bench beside a visibly
    distraught Muse A. Wordlessly, Muse B hands Muse A a small metal
    trinket, a perfect addition to Muse A’s collection. Is the gesture enough
    to reveal the truth about Muse B? The shapeshifter had been their
    crow companion the entire time.

    Can’t Live With You {Can’t Live Without You} - ♥

    Muse A and Muse B find an apartment online that they both love.
    Though they’re strangers when they sign the lease, they agree to
    share the place. A few days after the move in, they start to question
    the arrangement.
    Muse A is quiet and neat. Muse B is loud and messy. Muse A has a
    decent job and pays most of the rent, Muse B recently got fired from
    their job, hasn’t told Muse A yet, and isn’t in a rush to find a
    replacement job. Muse A is the responsible type, and Muse B couldn’t
    take care of a goldfish. Muse A likes their privacy and Muse B is happy
    walking around the apartment half-naked and entering their
    roommate’s space without knocking. They hardly agree on anything,
    from what to order for dinner to what temperature to keep the
    thermostat on. Just when Muse A is reaching their breaking point and
    on the verge of giving up the apartment they love to move back home
    because Muse B is driving them crazy and they can’t keep up with bills
    on their own, Muse A suffers a major setback/loss and Muse B is the
    only person who understands/can help them get through it.

    The 50’s Diner - ♥

    Muse A works as a waiter/waitress at a kitschy 50s themed diner on
    the edge of town. Poodle skirts, letterman jackets, and malted shakes
    galore! Once a popular attraction among residents and tourists alike,
    the little diner has lost most of its business to larger shopping/dining
    complexes that have sprung up in the heart of town. Though the pay
    would probably be better elsewhere, Muse A stays on at the homey
    diner and spends their shifts fully immersed in the 50s experience,
    dressing and talking the part until it’s time to close up. With the
    holidays approaching, Muse A hopes for a much needed rush of
    patrons to keep the struggling eatery afloat; even just one new face
    would be nice. Enter Muse B. When Muse A first meets Muse B, they
    mistake Muse B for a new hire since they appear to be ‘in uniform’ and
    speak as if they’ve stepped off the set off Happy Days. Muse B isn’t an
    employee but a new customer who begins to come in for the dinner
    special every evening.
    The 50s diner is the only place in town that Muse B feels truly at home,
    because they’re not from this era. The details of how they’ve arrived at
    the present day are fuzzy for Muse B, but once they see the neon
    lights of the diner they have that familiar feeling of belonging that draws
    them in. Muse A notices Muse B coming in every night and finds
    something oddly charming about them, though they act strangely
    compared to the other customers. Over time, the pair come to have
    heart-to-heart conversations over dessert and coffee after closing,
    then Muse B kindly offers Muse A a ride home in their 56’ Plymouth
    Fury. When Muse B reveals the truth about themselves to their new
    friend, Muse A is disbelieving, though it sort of makes sense; they’ve
    never met anyone in town as old-fashioned and well-mannered as
    Muse B. Getting over the initial shock, Muse A promises to help Muse
    B acclimate to 2014 until they can find a way to send Muse B back to
    their decade.

    An Urban Legend - ♥

    The small suburban town Muse A and Muse B live in is in many ways
    the same as hundreds of others across the country. Like many places
    it harbors a few local urban legends and scary stories passed on over
    weekend bonfires and at summer camps The most well known here is
    the story of the ‘Pigman.’ The Pigman was a farmer who lived on the
    rural outskirts of town. He was a private man, so private in fact, that in
    order to keep the locals away from his property, the Pigman would
    place the heads of butchered swine on stakes near the end of his
    long, winding driveway to discourage any solicitors. Back in the 1950’s
    three troublemaking teenagers had trespassed onto the Pigman’s
    farm. The following night it wasn’t the heads of pigs that adorned the
    stakes, but the heads of the unwelcome interlopers, their decapitated
    corpses swinging from the road’s overpass. Now it’s almost
    considered a rite of passage to drive down Pigman Road at night. The
    especially brave will park the car and take a midnight walk underneath
    the bridge. With Halloween in the air, Muse A and Muse B decide to
    embark on this little adventure. The drive is fairly uneventful and
    although the backwoods setting is a little creepy for the suburb
    dwellers, Muse A wants to impress Muse B with their bravery, and
    talks them into going for a stroll.
    It starts quietly enough, but then the pair begin to hear the sound of
    metal against metal out in the field, almost as if someone is
    hammering a post into the ground. Muse B’s mind starts to imagine
    the worst, but Muse A assures them it is nothing. Muse A advances
    towards the sound, determined to prove that it’s all a case of Muse B’s
    imagination running wild. Muse B stays with the car, too spooked to
    follow. The minutes tick on and Muse B becomes more and more
    worried about Muse A’s absence. Finally Muse A comes running in a
    panic, shouting at Muse B to get in the car, but when they both jump in
    and lock the doors, the car refuses to start. They’re stranded on
    Pigman Road.

    Dying to Live (a Zombie plot) - ☻

    Nearly 2 years ago, a nuclear power plant melted down in [insert a
    city/town/state of your choice here]. The impact of this disaster was
    swift and devastating to nearly all residents of the immediate and
    surrounding region. Toxic waste infiltrated the ground, air and water
    supply, poisoning animals and humans who ingested it within minutes,
    causing all plant life to wither to ash. Fortunately, most residents were
    evacuated to neighboring states before the melt down; all those who
    foolishly stayed behind paid with their lives. No one could have
    anticipated that the toxic waste from the decimated power plant would
    seep into the soil of the neighboring cemetery and cause the dead to
    reanimate in their graves. Within days, all of the undead in [the
    town/city/state] clawed their way up from the ground to search for
    sustenance. Impervious to the poisoned air, these zombies crept
    beyond the limits of the devastated town/city/state and began to
    descend upon the unsuspecting people in the bordering regions.
    There were thousands of human casualties before the government
    was able to formulate a large-scale military response to eradicate the
    ‘zombie problem’.
    Today, people live in a state of armed preparedness against the
    undead who still roam in small bands across the country. Most
    homeowners have equipped themselves with weapons (as permitted
    by the state) so that every living person may defend themselves
    against the dwindling, but still very deadly threat of walking corpses. In
    this town, Muse A is one of the undead, but contrary to what most
    humans have come to fear and kill indiscriminately, Muse A and their
    band of zombies don’t feed off of human beings, but rather animals
    they encounter in the wild. Muse A and their cohorts, being of the
    recently departed, still have generous quantities of their humanity in-
    tact and have no desire to harm their living counterparts. Unfortunately
    for them, the general population perceives all zombies as threats that
    need to be eliminated before the world can go back to ‘normal’. Muse
    B is a human who encounters Muse A after getting separated from
    friends on a camping trip in the woods. Startled and un-armed, Muse
    B runs away from Muse A but they don’t get far. In their panic, Muse B
    trips and falls down into a ravine where they injure their leg pretty
    seriously. Sympathetic to Muse B’s suffering, Muse A comes to a
    panicked Muse B’s rescue.
    Will Muse B see that Muse A can be trusted and offer to help them and
    their band survive in this hostile world? Or will fear and easy access to
    weaponry lead to the annihilation of these humane zombies? Will
    zombie and human learn to like (or even love each other) or are they
    destined to be enemies to the bitter end?

    Shelter From the Storm - ☻

    Muse A is in the midst of fulfilling their life-long dream of travelling the
    country. They’ve packed the bare minimum of supplies and gassed up
    their vehicle to spend the summer seeing the beautiful sights of the
    country. Things go perfectly for weeks, but in a horrible turn of events,
    Muse A’s vehicle suffers a breakdown. On top of that, their cell phone
    has no reception in this area. Muse B is a resident in the town that
    Muse A is currently driving through. Muse A approaches Muse B’s door
    and begins to introduce themselves and explain their unfortunate
    circumstances. Muse B is absolutely not in the mood to listen to Muse
    A’s woes, tapping their foot, drumming their fingers, looking over their
    shoulder back into the house - all in an effort to get the point across to
    Muse A that they are not particularly interested in getting involved.
    Muse B is just shy of pushing Muse A out of their personal space and
    slamming the door in their face when the storm sirens sound. The sky
    becomes an eerie muddy green. The winds begin to violently gust.
    Despite their irritation with the unwelcome interloper, Muse B can’t just
    leave Muse A outside when there is a potentially dangerous storm
    rolling in. They insist Muse A come down to the basement with them
    and wait out the weather.
    Optional twists: Muse B is a criminal on the run and has been hiding out in this cabin for some time now. - ☼
    Optional twists: Muse B is someone that had been kidnapped and abused for years on end, and have been hiding out in the cabin ever since the kidnapper attempted to kill Muse B when they were younger. - ♥

    Stranger Danger - ♥ ♥
    Muse A is driving on a dark road in the middle of the night, trying to get
    home before an impending thunderstorm. They peek up in the
    rearview mirror briefly, out of habit, though there’s no one behind them.
    When Muse A’s eyes return to the road, they have to slam on the
    brakes to avoid hitting the human figure suddenly standing in the path
    of their vehicle. Muse A shifts into ‘park’ as calmly as possible and gets
    out of the car to make sure that the person standing in the road is
    alright. Muse B is quiet and staring off into space, but otherwise they
    seemed unharmed. Worried, Muse A insists that Muse B get in the car
    so they can be taken to the hospital. Muse A figures that Muse B must
    be in shock; they’re certainly shaken up. Muse B says nothing, but
    follows Muse A to the car and gets in. Muse A proceeds to drive
    straight on the road, sitting in silence with their eerily quiet companion.
    After a few minutes, Muse B murmurs that Muse A needs to “turn left”.
    Muse A is caught off guard, but they know that the hospital isn’t that
    way so they explain that they’re going to keep driving straight. As they
    draw near exit on the left, Muse B reaches over and yanks the wheel
    hard to force Muse A off the road and down the off ramp. Panicked
    because they could’ve been in a wreck, Muse A regains control of the
    car and demands an explanation. Muse B sits back in their seat calmly
    replying that they would have been in a terrible accident if they didn’t
    turn then. Muse A thinks that Muse B is crazy and swears that once
    they reach the hospital (via local streets) they’ll get as far away from
    Muse B as possible. When they arrive at the hospital, Muse A escorts
    Muse B in, though Muse B is resisting. Muse A struggles a bit to get
    Muse B inside, but the news story playing on the waiting room TV
    catches their attention before they can reach the nurse’s station. Sure
    enough, there’s a breaking news bulletin about a turned over truck and
    a massive fire on the road that Muse A was determined to take..

    On the Run - ♥

    Muse A is on a day-long drive to an out of town business meeting.
    They couldn’t ask for much more in life, being blessed with a loving
    partner that supports them, a beautiful home, and a well-paying job
    that leaves them happy and fulfilled. They are the eternal optimist,
    always trying to find the best in everything and everyone, even
    strangers. When they spot a hitch hiker at the side of the road, Muse A
    is compelled to stop and give them a helping hand, offering to take
    them along on their route to the hotel where their meeting is taking
    Muse B is on the run, having escaped from the state prison during a
    transport three days prior. They have shed their orange jumpsuit for
    civilian clothes, and changed their appearance the best they could,
    thanks to an abandoned farm house near the penitentiary. Muse B is
    desperate to get as far away from that hellish place as possible.
    They’ve evaded the state police for this long, there is no way they will
    ever go back to that dark, stifling, awful cell.
    Muse A is exactly what Muse B has been hoping for - a one way ticket
    out of town. They share a few stories and generally enjoy each other’s
    company during the long, uneventful drive. Unassuming Muse A has
    no idea that there is a dangerous felon on the loose, but when they
    finally approach the state line to find a waiting police roadblock, Muse
    B suddenly pulls a weapon on Muse A and demands they get them
    through without incident. Once they’ve successfully passed the road
    block, Muse B reveals the truth, and Muse A is hit with the sudden
    frightening realization that they are now subject to Muse B’s plans.

    Room 133 - ♥
    Muse A has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and is currently
    undergoing a long term evaluation. Muse B is a volunteer at the
    hospital. They bring the families of the residents anything they may
    need, sit with patients that have no visitors, or simply act as a good
    listener when needed. A doctor on staff directs Muse B to Muse A,
    explaining that Muse A is very much alert, but does not respond to
    anyone that attempts to interact with them. The doctor suggests that
    Muse B sit with Muse A on the next day, perhaps reading them a novel
    or telling stories in the hopes that a fresh face who is neither staff nor
    patient will garner a positive response. Muse B signs in the following
    day with a copy of their favorite book in hand and sits at Muse A’s side
    to read. Muse A does not respond for days on end, but one afternoon
    they finally make eye contact with Muse B, the hint of a smile on their
    features, looking forward to continuing the story. Muse B is
    overwhelmed by the small gesture, suddenly hit by the realization that
    in spite of Muse A’s complete and utter silence, they have grown
    incredibly fond of them. As the novel progresses, so does the
    connection between volunteer and patient. Only when the last page
    has been read aloud does Muse A finally speak to Muse B.
    Optional twists: Muse A has been abused by one of the staff
    Optional twists: Muse A has been given medication to make Muse A incredibly unfocused and unaware, effectively putting them in a mental coma, Until Muse B breaks through.

    The Space Station - ☻

    Quarantine: The Space Station
    Genre: Horror
    Era: Future
    Brief Synopsis: “And the lucky numbers are… 14563, 28965, 38513,
    90127, 87164, 21947…”
    The elegantly dressed woman continues to drone out the numbers, a
    pearly white smile plastered on her face, but you don’t listen to her.
    You hold the silver ticket in your hand, staring numbly at the golden
    letters flashing across its face.
    “Congratulations, lucky participants.” You slowly return your gaze to
    the hologram standing before you. The ghost like projection was a little
    too real, as the woman’s gaze holds such direct eye contact that it’s a
    struggle not to look away. Her grin broadens as she announces, “You
    have been deemed worthy to board to U.S. Columbus, on a direct
    flight to the International Space Station ‘Athena.’”
    She then swept her arm behind her to gesture to the TV from which
    her image emerged, where pictures and videos of the grand space
    station flashed by to gaudy theatrical music. A male announcer swiftly
    devolved the details of the prize and instructions for time and manner
    of boarding.
    You, along with a handful of other lucky winners from around the world,
    will be staying at Athena, a research station dedicated to discovering
    the wonders of the universe around us. A state-of-the-art, self
    sustaining spacecraft, the station can go months without contact with
    any other life form, and often travels millions of miles away from earth
    to uncover a new mystery of space. Many a thrill seeker and
    knowledge craver have dreamed of boarding the Athena. And now their
    dreams have come true. Or has it…? Little do the passengers know
    that it is not their dream that awaits at the space station, but their
    worst nightmare.
    Other: There will be character spots for crew members and
    passengers, so there’s openings for all ages and professions.

    The Aire Virus - ☼

    A few years ago, The outbreak started. At first, It was only in a few
    places. Then, It slowly spread, person by person. They called it the
    Aire Virus, Because it was mostly airborne. Soon, The whole world
    was infected with this hard-to-treat virus. People were dropping off the
    face of planet earth like flies.
    Fast-forward to today. Rarely do you see another human. The closest
    you come to a human is a deranged animal. No, Not an actual animal.
    If the virus hadn't killed them, It left in its' wake a string of animals,
    Ferocious, Ravaged beasts. They had no purpose, But to kill. They
    were called Manglers, Because of their vicious reputation.
    Almost every single house is abandoned, except for the hordes of
    If you looked outside, You'd see chaos. Clothes, Newspapers, Cars,
    Scattered everywhere. Houses were boarded shut. The virus was
    dead, Yes, But the tragedy wasn't. There were pockets of civilization
    left. But only in various places. New york was one of them. Las vegas
    was one of them. California was one of them. But the places in-
    between? Nada. The people that weren't infected were left in the ruins,
    forgotten. Forced to fight for themselves.
    Will these 'left over' humans survive? Will they bring the human race
    to life again? Or will they die, along with the countless others? It's your

    Time Hoppers - ♥
    (We could play the extra teenagers, or we could modify the plot to two people.)
    The year is 2019, And technology has improved. Tremendously.
    There are devices called Titers, Which can transport you to any time.
    They weren't supposed to be released to the public, but only to the protectors of time, AKA, TimeChasers.
    A group of teenagers, Six in all, Stole ten of the Titers, And decided to play around with them.
    Little did they know that the next thing they knew, They would plunge into a world full of danger, adventure, and a whole lot of running.
    The teenagers were then named 'TimeHoppers', and the TimeChasers are very intent on hunting them down.

    It's the year 2018, California.
    Two years ago (2016) There was a nuclear plant that exploded.
    That specific nuclear plant connected with fifteen others, all in different countries and places.
    They blew up as well.
    It left everybody in their perimiter either dead or mutated.
    The blast and impact of the nuclear plants, Left 3/4 of the world destroyed.
    The nuclear blasts were like dropping an atomic bomb on a specific area. Fifteen times.

    The tear that brought them.
    Welcome to California, year 2019
    In this alternate timeline, 2012 caused a great tear in the fabric of space and time, causing multiple dimensions to become one, in other words, total choas.
    Now the few survivors either roam the barren wastelands alone, or in roving gangs, or they live in desolate, but still functioning cities.
    The main dangers are each other, or the otherworldly creatures that roam the wastes.


    Two AM, Muse A gets a knock on his door. He opens to see Muse B, Crying. She has a black eye, black-and-blue bruises down her arms and a sizeable gash in her right bicep.
    He immediately brings her in, and asks her what is wrong.
    Her response? She's been abused by her <Mom/Dad> For years.
    He had no idea, As she never told him.
    After about ten minutes of trying to convince her to turn him in, She agrees and he drives her to the police station. They take pictures and ask questions, and then go to arrest her <Mother/Father>.
    <He/She> takes off when <he/she> hears the sirens, and GF moves in with her BF, And everything slowly goes back to normal. Until one day, when BF goes out for groceries and her <mom/dad> breaks in, and severely hurts her, Kidnapping her in the process.

    Italy (Plane crash)

    Two days ago, Our plane going to Italy crashed onto an island. It's abandoned. It's desolate. It's scary. It contains many deadly animals, and sharks surround the island.
    We blacked out when we crashed, and we all woke up in different places.
    There were a few dead men strung around the island, and we commandeered their gun/knives.
    Creativity is appreciated, along with plot twists, drama and lots of fun.

    Italy (Cruise ship crash)

    Two days ago, Our cruise ship going to Italy crashed onto an island. It's abandoned. It's desolate. It's scary. It contains many deadly animals, and sharks surround the island.
    We blacked out when we crashed, and we all woke up in different places.
    There were a few dead men strung around the island, and we commandeered their gun/knives.
    Creativity is appreciated, along with plot twists, drama and lots of fun.

    So, I know I put an incredible amount of plots and pairings to choose from. I know it may be hard to choose, but we can always start another if we grow tired of one. There's no pressure, and I understand if you may want to switch to another role-play. Please, Tell me your ideas, so I can understand what you like. I'm open to all genres.
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