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  1. Hello my lovelies :)

    Now that I'm about on break, I have more room to spread my wings in a little roleplay. Thus, I am looking for a partner to try out one of the following plot ideas, maybe more. I am also open to other ideas, so feel free to send me a message.

    My requirements:
    1. Be Grammatically sound; I want legible posts with understanding of punctuation and spelling.
    2. I will play female, and doubles, but never just the guy. Sorry.
    3. I am a rapid poster; but if I have to vanish, try to be reasonable.
    4. Communication is key; let me know if you have issues or need to stop.
    5. Pull some weight; help move the plot forward.
    More as I see needed.

    Plot Idea.
    1. Lost Boys-Crossing Clans (Rated M for sex, blood and gore)
    Lets go before the movie. The boys are fresh off their new found Vamparism, and have been tearing up Santa Carla in glorious boy-violence. But trouble strikes when a separate, wondering clan of Vampires, all girls, want to make Santa Carla their new territory. It becomes a battle of wits between David and their leader, Serena, and even more sinister when one of David's own falls head over heals for their newest fledgling, Lucy.

    I could be either Serena or Lucy, and any other of the guys upon request. I expect the same from my partner, and the plot has lots of open features so my partner can be as equally creative. Post here, or let me know in a PM if interested!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.