Partner Request! (Fandoms (Harry Potter/etc.) and Originals!)

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  1. Hello Iwaku!

    Although I have some other RPs going on, I’ve been looking for a surge of inspiration! But, that can only happen when I have some more RPs going on. Before we get to the topics and ideas, I’d like to make things clear about what I expect from my partner and what you should expect from me:

    1.) Proper grammar. A mistake or two is forgivable, but if I see one in every sentence you make then you better start proofreading. I’m not claiming to be better than your 12th grade English teacher, but I like a decent writing skill.

    2.) 3-4 paragraph minimum. I honestly am against setting a bar on how many paragraphs there should be, but I do this because I write long posts. I want to expect the same effort from you. Trust me, there is so many things to write about -- just open your mind.

    3.) No God-Modding. I’ve been joining/doing/writing RPs for about almost a decade, and I’ve been through all the ups and downs of roleplay writing. But out of all of them, what I hate the most is god-modding. I know it’s tempting, I’ve done it before -- long time ago when I didn’t have any sort of consideration to my partners. Looking back, I feel like an asshole. So, now I am saving you the trouble of that regret: don’t be an asshole, don’t God-Mod. It’s annoying.

    4.) Share. I like ideas, I listen to ideas. If you have anything to add to the stuff we’re doing, feel free to PM me and talk about it. It’s more fun when we get the chance to communicate. It makes things more comfortable for you and me when we start exploring themes.

    5.) Dedication. I’m not going to set strict deadlines on you, but try to at least post once a day. If you have a family/RL matter going on and you can’t do that for a certain period of time, PM me. I’m not scary. I’ll understand.

    6.) Have fun.

    Anyways, let’s get down to business.

    Fandom Roleplays!

    The Amazing Spiderman [the Andrew Garfield ones]

    Harry Osborn x OC (Harry needed)

    Anna Lockwood and Harry Osborn were almost a pair that you could consider childhood friends. They grew up together, they saw each other over the weekends, and their fathers were partners in business. George Lockwood was one of Oscorp’s main sponsors, and held shares in the company as consolation to his efforts in building the empire to what it is today.

    Despite of this meaningful alliance, Anna and Harry were nowhere near the best of friends. He bullied her and called her names, dismissing their parents’ efforts to have them get along. During an incident on that one summer night, George Lockwood mysteriously died in the Osborn mansion. In the contrary of the honest claims that it was probably a heart attack, Anna held a suspicion that Norman killed her father. However, knowing that such an accusation would only drive her to an unfortunate path, Anna kept her silence and drifted further away from Harry.

    A few years later, alongside Gwen Stacy, Anna climbed the ranks of the Oscorp ladder as an intern then researcher in the Sciences. At the same time, Norman’s illness progressed and he died a year after her promotion. Harry came that summer, less than enthusiastic to take over the company as he flourished demands from every soul in the board room. He was miserable, desperate, and hiding a terrible secret: his illness. In the twist of this fate, his only hope may not be Spiderman, but someone familiar enough to call an old friend -- her.

    Harry Potter

    Draco x OC (need a Draco)

    Set in the events of Half-Blood Prince, this RP will explore the vaguely told story of Draco’s transformation. Of course we’re going to fill it in with some fictional fancy, but this is where we start.

    Entrusted with a responsible greater than the weight of his shoulders, Draco Malfoy had a big task to perform in order to prove his family’s regard with the Dark Lord. Killing Dumbledore would’ve sounded simpler if he wasn’t afraid, and no matter how much he flaunted his false bravery in front of his lackeys, it couldn’t compare to the reality. Although his mother had advised him not to follow through with the task, it was something he must undergo. He was not weak, he can’t be weak. It was his definite chance to prove himself -- and to prove something to himself. That he was not soft, fragile, and afraid.

    The train ride to the castle carried the same dull entertainment. Even if Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle had a darker quality within them, they did not comfort him. He felt suffocated, he needed air -- a break from everyone, from the pitiful Harry Potter whose nose he kicked when he found the fool eavesdropping. But where could he go? To his luck, a compartment invited him into it’s quarters. It had nothing but a quiet Ravenclaw girl with chesnut brown hair and green eyes, a presence that he would normally find annoying. However, she was the best thing that ever happened to his chaotic life. Her quiet nature ceased her existence from his minding -- until she started talking.

    “I’m sorry, I don’t remember telling you that you can sit here.” she smiled at him, a sickening and empty smile that held nothing but contempt to his presence. He had never seen someone so elaborate with their oppression, and the expression carved against her lips only infuriated what was left of his civility. Little did he know that he would fall in love with her, and she with him, only to find out she was sent to assure the success of his mission and kill him if he fails.


    Rush Hour

    GirlxGirl (RP partner needs a madeup boyfriend for her char)

    So basically, both of us are in theatre/drama school. You char is there for her major, while my char is there for her minor. Unlike my char, your char takes theatre really seriously and literally hates my char’s guts for two reasons:

    1.) Your char always find faults with my performance/design/writing because it’s not really my char’s focus, and what does an engineering student like my char doing in the theatre deaprtment?! Blasphemy.

    2.) Your char thinks my char is an asshole because my char answers back to your sass. You also heard rumours about my char flirting with women, and your char thinks my char has no shame or dignity with being a girl, and you rant this to your boyfriend.

    Basically, they develop and there will be sex (so you should be down for it). The story will revolve around that platform and your char’s questions about her own sexuality, and her commitment to her boyfriend. She obviously finds my char as a temptation, so thinks are going to be a dilemma for her. And seriously, we don’t have to be drama students. We can come up with something else. I just threw that there so that the plot makes sense.

    So that's it to it. Anyone up for some RPing? Yeah?
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