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  1. College is back in session, but looking at my schedule and have time for one or more RPs. Please be aware I am a college student who also works, and has other things in life going on, so I won't be able to post multiple times a day but will do at least once a day. And if I get hit with a lot of busy work, I will let you know.

    I play female roles primarily, but can play a male character if asked.

    Trapped Trickster (open)
    My character is a trickster goddess who centuries ago made the mistake of turning her tricks on a fellow deity and sentenced to two forms of imprisonment: Firstly she was imprisoned inside a flute, and secondly when freed she was to grant six wishes for the one who had freed her then return to her flute. A lot of room to grow and expand if interested.

    Agent Morrison (open)
    Name: Sara Morrison
    Race: Native American/Caucasian/Other(American Mutt)
    Occupation: Special Agent of Magical Law Enforcement Agency(MLEA), a division of the U.S Department of Magic
    Area(s) of Expertise: Interrogation(both practice and resistance), Cults, Occlument/Legilimency
    Appearance: Lean build of someone who engages in regular exhaustive exercise, short black hair, natural light tan skin, dark brown eyes, heart-shaped face with prominent cheekbones, mole on left cheek. Dresses conservatively both on and off the job.

    Background: Born one of many children placed into the foster care system after her birth parents were deemed unfit, Sara floated around the country for a number of years until being adopted by the Morrison family of Minnesota, a Muggle family who were surprised when she started manifesting her magical abilities and soon after received her invitation to attend the Salem Institute for Magic. In her school years she became acquainted with a group she came to know as close friends. But that all changed when they came under the sway of a man much like the notorious Lord Voldemort, who believed magic could be hexed out of a Muggle-born and(under the mistaken impression she was)used her as a test subject in his early experiments with her former friends assisting. She was lucky enough to have been saved, but still bears the physical and emotional scars of that horrific night.

    After a period of recovery, Sara decided to dedicate herself to hunting down this group and putting an end to them. She worked hard to graduate from the Salem Institute with the marks necessary to join the MLEA towards this end, gaining valuable experience in areas that are now her expertise.

    Now she has tracked this group to England as they've allied themselves with remnants of the Death Eaters and are making moves to continue their shared agenda. But in a foreign land, she needs a little more guidance than she's used too....

    How Far Will She Run? (open)
    I have a very rough idea for this one about a young woman who has recently developed super-speed, and while she initially tried to do good with her abilities, is still left in the dust by other heroes due to her inexperience. Then along comes an older man/woman who will tempt her into coming over to the other side....

    Also if you have any ideas for a fandom or other RP, feel free to shoot me a PM with those as well.

    Will be updating with new ideas as they come to me.
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  2. The Trapped Trickster idea sounds interesting to me, what kind of direction were you thinking of going in that?
  3. @Ms. Ezra I'd like to try your third plot idea. :)
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