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  1. || Hi! I'm a person that could connect with many roleplays. But just to give you some info, I'll answer the requirements. || This is also in the romance, Partner Request.
    - What gender characters you play? Sadly, only my gender, female.

    - Whether or not you want a romance or smutty times? Romance is fine, no smut.

    - What gender are you looking for? Male.

    - Whether or not you want a straight/gay romance if you do romance? Heterosexual, straight romance.

    - What genre or things you LOVE to play? I LOVE fantasy, preferably elvish, but anything fantasy and romantic. Everything else, except everything in hate section, is neutral.

    - What sort of things you HATE to play or WON'T play? I'm actually a person who is horrible at roleplay fighting, horrible. But what I usually hate is gore or horror. Honestly, I'll roleplay with a person who can fight, but I won't be doing the fighting, maybe setting up traps or something like that but not fighting.

    - How descriptive you expect posts to be, or grammar requirements? Honestly, I'm not okay with newbie writers, because I've always worked with people that do 2-4 paragraphs. Grammar? I don't mind, as long as I can understand. I make a lot of mistakes, on accident.

    - How OFTEN you expect replies and will reply yourself? I actually don't care how long you reply, and I need a partner that is like that too. :)

    - Plot/Character ideas you have, or if you're open to partner's bringing the ideas? I actually have an idea.

    - How and WHERE you want to roleplay? One on ones. :)

    - How people should contact you for the roleplay? In thread, or PM.
  2. Heyyy, I would be interested in doing some kind of fantasy roleplay with you. I'm a female but I don't mind playing a male, if that was alright with you. If you have any ideas I would be interested.
  3. Great! :angel: I do not mind what you actually are, as long as I get a male your gender doesn't matter.
    I actually have an Idea, it's pretty long. It's not a starter, but it's like a preview- when I message you, I'll explain it. If that's alright with you?
  4. Yeah, that's fine! Sorry about the late response, I've had stuff going on and haven't been able to even touch a computer all week.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.