Partner needed.

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  1. I would like to do a Romance role play. I'm open to any ideas for a plot. It has to be a female since I am straight. anybody want to?
  2. I actually do have a story/plot that needs a male. I can pm you the story/plot if you like
  3. I'm intrested in doing a rp with you.
  4. Yeah, that would be fine with me.
  5. That would also be fine with me. Got any Ideas? I also got some ideas.
  6. I'm sorta new to role play so I dont have any good ideas yet, sorry...
  7. vamp x vamp hunter
    waitress x host (or the reverse)
    doctor x assistant
    librarian x college student
    bartender x lead singer
    lead singer x lead guitar

    if your still looking im interested in doing one of these. i have thousands more ideas and yeah shadow can use one of the ones we dont use if you guys want to do your own as well.
  8. Vamp X Vamp hunter sounds cool to me. I could be the Vamp Hunter.
  9. As lunaria said, we could pick the one that me and her don't pick or we can pick something else. How about 2 people who go to college together?
  10. Sure, that sounds great
  11. Do you want to make the Role Play or should I?
  12. You, if you don't mind that is
  13. Sure, I will go ahead and make it.
  14. Ok thank you
  15. ok im cool with that. and can you start the rp. im still new to this website. im still used to the gaiaonline method. so please teach me well lolz
  16. I'm also new to the site, through not to role playing. I will go ahead and create the role play.
  17. I'm interested in rping with you :)
  18. Sure, that would be fine with me. What kind of role play do you have in mind?