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  1. So I’m just getting back into RP and one on one seems the best option to get back into it. Being a male, I can only be confident in playing the role of a male character for now but later would like to branch out into other genders.

    Anyway I’d be open to any fandom RP ideas if you and I have the same interests and any genre with proper planning of course. Also since I am 23, would prefer +18 partner who isn’t afraid of taking the scenario into more mature directions (not smutty, though).

    Right now I only have one Plot idea: Herald, an alien who has been watching the human race since it’s days in the jungle, has given us items that alters our DNA. We now have powers that we must exercise and execute properly in order to help bring down a shadow organization made up of individuals who have misused their powers. This has the potential to grow into a group RP if it turns out well.

    But I’m open to most anything people would suggest.

    Hope to hear from someone soon.
  2. I like it, but what role would you be playing? an altered DNA human of the rebellion?
  3. I assume by rebellion you mean those who have just been given powers? Then yes. We're given the powers on the condition we work against the shadow organization. A majority of them are the descendants of altered humans with limited powers and their non-powered lackeys, headed by a small group like ourselves. Though a one-on-one would mainly be us discovering our abilities and learning to work as a team.
  4. Sounds fun. Any preference on wat my powers should be?
  5. I am interested if you are still interested that is
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.