Partner Needed For Painfully Cliché Plot

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  1. Lets get down to business.

    Have you ever seen one of those horrendously cheesy series where [kingdom] is under threat, and in a last-ditch attempt to save themselves, a hero is summoned from another world? You know, the ones where the evil is eventually defeated, the summoner and the hero/familiar become best buds/lovers/etcetera, and everything is all happy and dandy... except, it's impossible for the hero to go back, unless a strict set of conditions are met, and there's only a limited time frame in which to complete them.
    Those ones.
    Well, I want to do one. Yeah, shoot me. I just want to RP, but given that it's likely that I'll be stuck with someone who'll just go along with what I'm saying as opposed to criticising me and contributing, I just want something that requires minimal planning and thought.

    Post on the thread, it's first-come, first-serve.

  2. Haaaay, I'm available. :D

    I'll play whoever and however you want.
  3. All right then, we'll get down to laying down the basics, and then play.
    If you're looking for a yaoi, though, yo'll have to move along - otherwise, welcome aboard.
  4. LOL, though I do enjoy that, I really don't care, just tell me who what and how. :D

    Want me to make up something or you gots ideas?
  5. Well, the fact that there's an entire post at the top of the page concerning the basis for an idea is a huge hint.
  6. Ahh, I forgot about that, yes.

    Mmm, I'm sorry, just a few more questions, and I'll get right to work!

    Is there a specific time period for the world itself and the time period which the summoned entity comes from? Magic or machinery? Lastly, which one would you like to play?
  7. Actually, I was thinking that the summoned entity is more of a dimensional wanderer/mercenary - someone of indeterminate age, leaping between worlds on a whim, assisting wherever he feels it necessary - or, wherever somebody can offer something that is enough of an incentive for him.

    As for the world he's summoned to, surprise me.
    Me saying this has nothing to do with the fact I've been made to start several RPs, and do a lot of the thinking for others.